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Suggestions on what to add next?

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I have DS 6 on the childrens multi vitamin from Thornes research (thanks chemar) He also is having a anti fungal and dairy free probiotic to balance out the gut. He is doing good tolerating these. We are still doing all the dietary and environment changes also.


I know he most likely needs other things like other B vitamns, omega's, taurine etc but not sure what to introduce next if anything, any suggestions on what step you would take next?



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The Thorne multi actually has an excellent level of B vitamins imo

Omega 3 supplement really is important unless he is getting a lot in his diet but there is that potential tic trigger for some kids with TS from supplemental fish oil....my son likes freshly ground flax seeds sprinkled on food and also eats a lot of salmon.


If things are going well, you may want to wait a bit before trying anything else like taurine as not everyone responds well to it.



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good to know about the multi having good levels, Thanks.


The last time we tried fish oil i thought he reacted to it badly with the screaming tic but now i'm thinking it was possibly the lemon flavour in it seeing as lemon came up as not good for him in the hair analysis test we did. I also had tried flaxseed oil but abandoned that also but then a few weeks ago started using flaxseed meal in cooking and noticed a tic increase. It then came up in the test also that he is not good with flaxseed in any form. Fish oil capsules came up ok for his body.


I'm thinking a pure fish oil in the right epa/dha combination might be worth a try again. Does anyone have a good one they use?


I have been telling myself just to wait so maybe i should!

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We use Nordic Naturals DHA for kids. Its strawberry flavor and my kids have been taking it since they were 6 months old. This is WAY before any thoughts of TS. There is natural strawberry flavor in it and i guess that has traces of corn but seriously. what can you do. i am hoping the benefit of the oil is outweighing the risks of the minute traces of corn.

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Thanks for the suggestion cara615 i will take a look at it :)


I've decided just to let things be for now as he is doing well and FINALLY we fly to both the neurologist and eviro dr appts next week! Hopefully more answers and a clearer plan then.


I also tried the family on some salmon last night and my boy loved it! So hopefully now we can have more fish in his diet on a weekly basis.

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