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Low WBC & Neutrophil?

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Yes, we experienced this. On our case it was due to long term use of full strength augmentin plus the short term effects of ivig (which temporarily lower neutrophil counts). We cut the augmentin dose in half to a prophylactic dose and the counts returned to normal. We now monitor WBC and neutrophil counts periodically and before every infusion.

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There are multiple possibilities in her case, as are being mentioned here... I think we are likely to wind up at Hematology to evaluate, if they don't improve as we monitor them. Her numbers are below normal... not quite severe; but, moderately low, Hopey.


Thanks for the input!

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browneyesmom please keep updating, I am curious about this topic as well. Our integrative said many of her patients have borderline ANC and WBC. We are beefing up our protocol to try to address. When DD3 had the emergency, the immunologist we saw said he is comfortable with ANC >500 FWIW. Under that is "boy in the plastic bubble" time.

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Transfer Factors can help.

I took Reserched Nutritionals multi- immune transfer factors during treatment-

Recently, had blood work done, (been off antibiotics and herbs 4 months now)

and my WBC was just under normal- surprised me, they were never low during treatment.

But I am feeling run down (been pushing it/overdoing) and yeast has cropped back up

(got lazy on diet- yeesh)

So bought some RN transfer factor (without mushroom) for immune system help.

Have also heard the 4life brand is good, but I trust the Researched Nutritionals brand to be clean.

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We're monitoring them weekly.
Her WBC are hovering below normal range and her ANC just bumped up (barely) into the normal range this week. Woot!

She still has a way to go; but, I'm thankful for progress!

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