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Vitamin D or Vitamin D3 - AM or PM?

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DS15's vitamin D has dropped significantly to 14.7 (we stopped supplementing because we thought he had a bad reaction).


I heard that D3 was better than D and that I should look at 1000 or 2000 (one friend said only Solgar or Blue Bonnet brands - no idea why).


So my questions:

1.D3 or D?

2.How much?

3. Morning or Night?


Thanks as always,


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Hi. I was told to use Vitamin D3 with K2. Vitamin D3 is absorbed better with K2. If they can get some sunshine, without sunscreen, that helps too. 15-30 minutes/day. We supplement during the school year, but not the summer. Both of my girls have maintained levels of 50 using the D3/K2, brand does not matter; we've used different brands depending on what is available.

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time of day should not matter. Didn't the doc that did the testing recommend a dosage? Its supposed to go up something like 10 per month if you are under 20, and taking 5000/day. I'm not suggesting that dose for you, ask the doc that did the testing and do your own research. D3 is a steroid. K2 helps absorption, and helps to prevent d3 toxicity (although very difficult to become toxic).


my DS's was at 16. very low like your child. I had been giving him occasional drops of D3 in his cereal - these were much lower does maybe 1000, and I'd give it to him 1-3 times per week apparently did nothing (since he was at 16).


Doc just had his level retested - 2 months into the 5000 units per day dosing. she wants it above 60/70, and once it is there, will back dose down. I don't know results yet.


After 3 weeks - he stopped picking his gums. His gums were inflamed on and off for past year. Almost looked like trench mouth. I couldn't tell if it was pandas behavior, picking, or if picking because they were bother him in the first place. Periodontist (several of them) had never seen anything like it. They did not think his picking could have caused the inflammation that was very uniform along the gum line (but they've never seen a pandas kid in action, and I knew he was picking at them more when he was stressed, so I thought very likely and OCD thing.) Pretty sure I was wrong. Or maybe we were both sort of right.


Any how -appears that the D3 is the reason his gums don't bother him any more. Did some research and there is link between d3 and gum inflammation.


DS takes Pure Encapsulations brand, and occasionally I give him a K2 (because my K2 has a significant amount of D3 in it as well, don't want to give him too much - couldn't find a K2 without any D3 in it on the day I went shopping for it - I'm sure there out there tho.)


Good luck!

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