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Town That Caught Tourettes Special on TLC

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Thanks, JPDad! I watched it after reading your post and saw Dr. Trifiletti. Interesting that all the girls got better after starting antibiotics except for the one with Lyme. They reallly presented it unbiased because I wasn't sure if people accepted PANDAS or the psychiatrist who said it was psychological. Of course, it was late and I was tired so I may have to find it to watch it again. What did you think?


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It sounded like all of the kids got better, even the ones that Dr. T didn't treat which is why the PANS diagnosis wasn't 100%.


If you watched the show you can draw your own conclusions. I think the older woman was either faking for attention or simply had mental problems. She basically admitted as much. The two girls Dr. T treated for strep and Lyme were most certainly PANS kids. I kinda wonder if some of the other kids were true convergence disorder kids? Maybe the couple of girls actually had exacerbations from an infection, and then a few other kids saw them ticking and stress of their lives made them start ticking too?


Regardless, it surely is one weird/fascinating case. Dr. T. is a good man for going up their on his own dime to try and help those kids.

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