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"OATS test", microbial GI test, hair analysis - anyone heard o

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Hello - not been on this forum for a while, but I could do with some advice.

I've been through several antibiotics on the advice of Dr. Goyal, the PANDAS doctor I finally managed to find, but unfortunately it hasn't done the trick. One of the big difficulties is that I have a needle phobia, and so far it hasn't proved possible to get a blood sample from me, so he's basically working by trial and error. (That reminds me, he did give a referral for a throat swab, so we ought to sort something out about that soon - although he reckons it only shows anything about 20% of the time.)

He's now suggesting three other tests, which don't require a blood sample: "OATS test", "Microbial GI effects test", and some kind of hair test, I think all from Biolab. Has anyone heard of these tests? Are they worth anything? I keep hearing fairly dismissive things about the accuracy of hair testing, but I can't work out whether that applies to all hair testing or just for certain things.

Many thanks,


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Hi Wombat,


Not sure what you're going through, assuming this is for digestive problems, since it's in this post category--

and I don't know specifics about the tests your doctor is ordering.


But if you are going through any kind of digestive disorder (that can effect so many other body systems)

I would highly recommend these two books (along with Sheila Roger's book: Natural Treatments for Tics and Tourette's).


Wheat Belly, by William Davis, M.D. A practicing cardiologist, his book pulls together all the recent research on the

dangers of gluten in our diets and how this is causing so many problems. As a practicing physician, he outlines case

after case of folks he has helped with horrific digestive disorders (and other ailments) through gluten avoidance, etc.

I found a case study he cited as almost miraculous, from Duke University researchers: they were treating a lady who

had such bad schizophrenia (for over 53 years) that she had given up hope and was suicidal.

Using no drugs, she experienced complete remission of the psychosis and suicidal thoughts within 8 days of eliminating all gluten from her diet. Wow! Again Dr. Davis points out the profound effect of our food choices on our health. After 40 years of intense

breeding of our current wheat, we have created a grain with proteins that our bodies simply can't handle. This was perhaps

the scariest book I have ever read and I immediately eliminated gluten from my food choices--as I've long know the link between

gluten and arthritis. Since I have knee arthritis but am otherwise pretty healthy, I knew it had to go. So I'm adjusting--and have

just kicked the habit. Yes, it's interesting to note that gluten byproducts attach to our opioid brain receptors, just as heroin and

cocaine do--that's why we're constantly snacking, hoping for the next "hit." In fact, mindless eating of wheat products are so

rampant (and contributing to obesity) that he has part of his book, called "Wheat is My Crack!"


An Extraordinary Power to Heal by Bruce Semon, M.D. with a Ph.D in Nutrition. He pulls together research in Candida yeast

(which can be a problem, especially after using antibiotics) and the dangers of this yeast in our system. He has thoroughly

cited research and also outlines case after case of people who come to him as a last resort from all kinds of intestinal

problems--headed for major surgery with conventional medicine. He advocates diet changes in 4 steps--with the Stage 4

step eliminating all gluten, casein (milk protein), along with foods that promote yeast (Candida)--the two worst offenders are vinegars

and all malted products (usually the byproducts of barley malt and everywhere in our food!). Alcohol is also out, as well as other

yeast-promoting foods.


Anyway, if I were in any kind of digestive disorder, I wouldn't hesitate to buy these two books. I have both of them and they are written for the lay person to understand, with medical references all clearly cited. Well worth the money, especially if you regain your health in the process.


Good luck, Hopeful 2




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Thanks for the reply! No, no digestive problems, I just put it in this section because it seemed as relevant to it as any other. The problem is severe OCD/tics (they kind of shade into each other with me).

Gluten-free - well, thanks for the suggestion but been there, done that. Once did the strict gluten-free/casein-free diet for ten months, with no result except that I had diarrhoea and stomach cramp for the first fortnight - how on earth can you have the documented withdrawal symptoms and it still not work? Tried it once or twice since then for shorter periods, too, no luck.

Candida - don't think I ever got around to trying that one. I haven't any of the symptoms usually mentioned, the cracked lips and so on. Then again, I have no physical symptoms AT ALL. Which is something, but doesn't give me many clues to go on.

Glad to hear they helped so much with your own health, anyway. All the best, Wombat140

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