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I posted over int he diet and gastro section but no replies yet so just reposting here.


Just wanted to start a topic on Candida as i could only find really old posts but none of them answered a question i have.


I i have been giving DS 6 a homeopath/herbal product called candaplex that a natropath recommended and thats sold in our local health food shop for roughly the last 3 weeks, 2.5ml twice a day and i have also introduced a dairy free probiotic within the last 2 weeks and things have been going pretty good.


What i'm wondering is, Is it important or necessary to have a change up of anti-funguls? I have read in my research somewhere that the candida can morph or adapt or hide? I can't remember the exact word the site used but it said using a couple of different kinds is a good idea or the lady at our health food stop said even stopping for a week then re starting again, Would this be to let the candida 'come out' and then re attack it?


We don't see the environmental Dr for aprrox another 3 weeks but wasn't sure if i should just continue doing what i'm doing, finish the course of candaplex and wait to get actually testing done.


I ended up getting some Candida Clear by NOW but not sure how much to give a 6 yr old? as i read lots about how strong it was, Thinking maybe just one capsule a day?



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sorry you dont have any replies....


We used Candida Clear but my son was older than yours.

We combined a good diet as per the book The Yeast Syndrome by John P. Trowbridge & Morton Walker

Plus natural kefir as a probiotic, along with raw extra virgin coconut oil by Nutiva as a natural antimicrobial (also Monolaurin, which is a lauric acid supplement from coconuts)


Maintaining probiotic health and daily coconut oil seems to have kept candida at bay for many years

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I think caprylic acid (also from coconut oil) is a good supplement for yeast. We also use garlic, curcumin, a fair amount of coconut oil with cooking and supplement with probiotics and fermented vegetables daily.

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Thats ok thanks. I couldn't get him to have the candida clear anyway as he can't swallow a capsule yet and he wouldn't take it opened up and put in water like he does his multi. Will just contiue with the diet and the product i'm using and he seems to be doing well with the non dairy probiotic i have him on.


I use organic coconut oil on and in any baking i do so he is getting a good amount of that i think. he even has raw galic rubbed/crushed onto gluten/dairy/yeast free bread with coconut butter/oil smothered on top every morning lol he loves it!


He is going pretty good atm, I'm just being impatient waiting for the visit with the environmental dr.....Hurry up June 5th



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