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help with keflex dose for acute strep throat/scarlet fever

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Hi all,

My son has improved a lot with parasite treatment (I will post a more detailed update later on both him and my daughter who are much improved through natural treatments) but recently came down with a terrible sore throat and a rash on his cheeks and chest. I did a throat swab and it was clearly positive for strep. I have a month of keflex on the shelf that I never had to use for my daughter and am going to start it since the infection is so bad.


Can you all share what dose of keflex your child has been on for active strep throat infections and how many times it was given per day? My daughter was given it 4 times/day but I wonder if 3 times/day would work? I have read that it can even be given twice/day. My son is 67 lbs.




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My son is 7 and 68 lbs. he was given Cephalexin 500 mg BID for an active strep infection. we got him the 250 mg capsules bc they are smaller and easier to swallow and he was taking 2 caps BID. we didn't see a bug improvement the first week then we had to switch to Ceftin anyway after finding a tick on him.


Hope that helps, given out kids are the same weight!

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Thanks so much! That helps a lot. By the way, if your son has lyme....we have done many protocols (abx with Dr. J in CT, then Cowden protocol, which was better than abx, and finally the Dr. K (seattle) lyme cocktail, which works more effectively and faster than anything. Dr. K is a genius. You can find a practitioner that follows his protocols and they can help with PANS as well.

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Thanks Megan. Glad I was able to help. We haven't tested him for Lyme yet but had to give the preventative dose so we just switched him.


Please tell me more about this Dr k. Where can we find his protocols? Thanks for mentioning it.

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