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Restless Leg Syndrome Tics

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Hi All,


I have read several postings about Restless Leg Syndrome ticcing. My husband has RLS, and I know

he is able to stop it. I asked him to comment: he is in his 60's and has had it most of his life. Maybe

his experiences will be helpful to those of you who do not want to take drugs to control this. He writes

that it is mild--but when he goes off of his regimen, he is kicking all night long while he sleeps! For the most

part, he is very healthy, and truly has an amazing diet--nearly vegan, with canned Alaskan-caught salmon

2-3 times a week, with lots of vegetables, some nuts and seeds, some fruit, and some grain. Our meals, overall,

are very healthy and organic, whenever possible.


My husband writes:



I have a very mild version of Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). So mild, that I did not even know I "had" something, until I read a description of it. Every once in a while I cannot help but move my leg and it is irritating. I have found a way to eliminate the symptoms.
When I decided I needed to lose weight, I did a lot of research on PubMed reading abstracts of scientific articles. I stumbled upon the Calorie Restriction with Optimum Nutrition (CR) diet. The diet is a pain to follow because every day you have to measure everything you eat, enter it into software that computes your calories and all of your vitamins, minerals, etc you got for the day. The objective is to have 100% of your daily required nutrients every day, along with a low, but adequate, number of calories. In addition, I get all my nutrients from the food I eat without taking any supplements.
After a few weeks I noticed a side effect. My RLS had gone away. Completely. I suspect, but do not know, that it was the nutrition, not the lower calories, that caused this. Because CR is a pain, I often get off the diet, then go back on. Every time I go off the diet, the RLS comes back. Every time I go back on the diet, it disappears.
Here is a link to the CR Society website, where you can find everything about the diet. http://www.crsociety.org/
I use www.nutritiondata.com to look up foods that are high in particular nutrients.
Good luck to all of you--it is possible.

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