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Specialists Recommendations for Your Area

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Hi, thank you so much for this website.


Is it possible to start a new topic that would deal with recommendations for doctors;neurologists;naturopaths;

environmental doctors, etc. for specific locations around the United States?


We are currently in Mid-Michigan (Lansing Area) and am struggling to find a doctor who understands tic disorders and

treatments without powerful drugs. We have been very disappointed in visit to a Neurologist who simply said that only

treatment would be powerful drugs with horrific side effects. I have read enough to know that there is hope and we are

taking steps for alternative treatment.


Thanks, Hopeful Mom

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Hi Hopeful Mom,


Welcome to the Forums -- and we agree there are lots of reasons to be hopeful!


Please see this thread for ideas on where to look for doctors in your Lansing area.




Please drop me a private message (PM) if you have trouble locating anyone. We are unable to provide a list of recommended physicians because there are so many factors involved in individual needs, and so many different approaches taken by practitioners. We also try to avoid too much discussion of specifics regarding doctors in the Forums because they are public, but many members send private messages to others on this.


We hope you find the help you need. Please stay in touch with us through the Forums in one if the categories (like Tourette syndrome and tics) and let us know how you are doing!


Best wishes, Sheila

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