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This man is BRILLIANT !!!

Thanks for posting this TPotter...Thank you Dr. Naijar !!!




The Washington Post today had an article on the DSM V , the following quote was from that article:


"Thomas Insel, director of the National Institute of Mental Health, the largest mental health research organization in the world, set off a furor when he said the manual lacked validity. He said the NIMH would shift its research away from the DSM categories — and their symptom-based criteria. Instead, new research would focus more on areas such as the biology of brain circuits and the behavior they produce, as well as emerging clinical data. While DSM has been described as a ‘Bible’ for the field, it is, at best, a dictionary, creating a set of labels and defining each,” he wrote in a blog post."


That is us !!!

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Someone here has used Souhel Najjar at NYU, I believe.

I think he did their child's Plasmapheresis.



This is the doctor who cured Susannah Cahalan, author of "Brain on Fire". An excellent read.

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Here is another article, from January of this year Its for all you parents of Ticcer's out there who's hearts sank when Swedo decided to move away from the ticcing kids due to all the backlash from the Tourettes docs.


Written by Hornig and Lipkin (Direct of center of Disease Control) - you don't get much better cred. than that!



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