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15 hours ago, Michele310 said:

 She did have the RAGE that was so common with Tourette’s.

I was just reading through your post and noted this Michele...just wanted to mention that RAGE is not really so common in Tourette Syndrome.

Yes, some kids deal with it for various reasons, either co-morbid (Often an ODD parameter) or sometimes even a result of built up frustration that their tics etc are so misunderstood.

But many kids with TS are actually very gentle, sensitive and calm personalities, who just happen to have tics. Not all have co-morbid conditions either.

Have you ever had your daughter checked for possible PANS/PANDAS? Just some of what you describe makes me wonder?

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Cara I am going to share something with you that was a big wake up call for me about 14 years ago when my son's TS tics began to manifest big time......... I was in a very "woe is me, woe is my son"

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