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Just wanted to start a topic on Candida as i could only find really old posts but none of them answered a question i have.


I i have been giving DS 6 a homeopath/herbal product called candaplex that a natropath recommended and thats sold in our local health food shop for roughly the last 3 weeks, 2.5ml twice a day and i have also introduced a dairy free probiotic within the last 2 weeks and things have been going pretty good.


What i'm wondering is, Is it important or necessary to have a change up of anti-funguls? I have read in my research somewhere that the candida can morph or adapt or hide? I can't remember the exact word the site used but it said using a couple of different kinds is a good idea or the lady at our health food stop said even stopping for a week then re starting again, Would this be to let the candida 'come out' and then re attack it?


We don't see the environmental Dr for aprrox another 3 weeks but wasn't sure if i should just continue doing what i'm doing, finish the course of candaplex and wait to get actually testing done.


I ended up getting some Candida Clear by NOW but not sure how much to give a 6 yr old as i read lots about how strong it was.



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Hi Logismum,


If you are dealing with any kind of Candida issue, you must read this book: in the worst cases (Stage 4) Dr. Semon will treat

with Nystatin in very small doses (a naturally produced, nontoxic, anti-fungal actually produced by bacteria.). At the same time,

all foods that contribute to Candida yeast must be eliminated from your food choise. According to Dr. Semon, you can't put out the fire with water,

if you keep putting fuel on the fire!



An Extraordinary Power to Heal by Bruce Semon, M.D. with a Ph.D in Nutrition. He pulls together research in Candida yeast

(which can be a problem, especially after using antibiotics) and the dangers of this yeast in our system. He has thoroughly

cited research and also outlines case after case of people who come to him as a last resort from all kinds of ailments including intestinal

problems--headed for major surgery with conventional medicine. He advocates diet changes in 4 steps--with the Stage 4

step eliminating all gluten, casein (milk protein), along with foods that promote yeast (Candida)--the two worst offenders are vinegars

and all malted products (usually the byproducts of barley malt and everywhere in our food!). Alcohol is also out, as well as other

yeast-promoting foods. He also has success with clearing psoriasis. Anyway, just very well written and pretty incredible.


Yes, according to Dr. Semon, Candida has the power to evade our immune system--and he gives a very readable overview for the lay person

to understand how truly sinister this yeast can be: it can keep changing its outer covering, it can break into particles that cause havoc in our

immune system--if left unchecked, it can actually kill people (those with AIDS, getting chemo, or other compromised immune systems).


I am actually following most of what Dr. Semon recommends, as I have a strange skin rash that flares up every now and then for several years

now. Candida can attack the skin as well--and when it does, Dr. Semon claims that psoriasis is the result.



Good luck, Hopeful 2

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i have his book feast without yeast and the other one with recipes and use the recipes from them :) and yes we have pretty much been on stage 4 since before i even got the books


I don't have candida/leaky gut diagnosed though for my son through any tests so i can't use Nystatin but i personally wouldn't anyway given what i've read about it. We use a natural product though.


Glad someone else found his books interesting

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I like the book "The Yeast Syndrome" by Walker & Trowbridge.


Personally, I would never use Nystatin. It works by disrupting the fungal cell membranes to cause leakage of contents, so killing the fungus. Herxing seems to be greater due to this mechanism from what I have gathered.

It is not non toxic as far as I am aware, and it does have potential side effects. Antibiotic drugs are produced the same way that it is so it is considered a drug, rather than a natural substance, and it has to be prescribed.




logismom, we initially used just magnesium capryllate and dietary modification which was very helpful, but it was not till we used candida clear that we finally got rid of the candida overgrowth. Now just using natural antimicrobials in diet (coconut oil, raw honey, garlic etc) has prevented further overgrowth.

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Thanks Chemar

I wish i could get my son to take the Candida clear but he won't swallow capsules and he won't take them opened either :( I've just got him on a maintenance dose of the product we did a course of before. I'm hoping when i have a phone appt with the Enviro Dr he will want to look into some proper testing for Candida/Leaky gut. Waiting on results for Pyroluria, Strep tilters and other levels as well as heavy metal results first. He has coconut oil, raw garlic and raw honey every day so i'm hoping thats all helping.

Was your son able to eat foods that he initially avoided for clearing the candida and if so about how long after?

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Yes, my son was able to reintroduce foods ...in fact we all were as we did the Candida elimination together. I dont remember the exact time frame but it was about a month. Obviously when we re-introduced foods, they were healthy ones, as by that time we had totally eliminated processed, refined and all artificial food additives



The book I mentioned also suggested how to reintroduce various foods

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