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OT: Supplement suggestions for me?

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Lately I've noticed that my hair is falling out, not in clumps, but shedding (like a cat). Any ideas for what supplements might help? I realize this may have to do with stress or lack of sleep. I don't think it's a thyroid issue, despite being fatigued and weight gain (haven't exercised since the fall).


Any ideas? Bad enough I worry about DS 24/7 now I'm finding stray strands everywhere.


Thanks in advance,


DS15 - dx 11/12 and has been stuck at home since 1/24/13.

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I think you should treat yourself to a trip to a doctor - either your regular PCP or a naturopath. But you've mentioned three symptoms in 2 sentences and yes, it could all be from your situation, but it could also be something more. You can't be a good caretaker if you yourself are sick. Many moms here have ignored their own health and then found chronic conditions. I had a liver problem developing (from NAC) and never suspected it. Blamed depression and weight gain on menopause. A coincidental annual visit to my PCP revealed the liver problem, which prompted me to stop NAC and now my liver enzymes have returned to normal. I feel much better.


So don't skimp on your own health. Invest in yourself. Get it checked out.

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I agree that if you feel something is amiss, you should see your doctor. I did 5 years ago for palpitations, falling hair, derealization, short-term memory loss, anxiety attacks, hotflashes. All tests, including holter monitor came back fine, but I didn't feel like me. Dr said it was all in my head and sent me to an endocrinologist. All these tests came back fine as well; he suggested beta-blockers. I left.


Many years of googling later, the last 2.5 for lyme/bart, I have come to the conclusion that I probably have the same infections, and that stress sets off the symptoms.


What has helped me may not help you. I have been trying to boost my immune system a little:

- Terry Whals/paleo type diet


- Low dose bioidentical progesterone cream (I'm at the point in my life where my ovaries are trying to squeeze every last little bit out, but I am not regular any more, so probably not producing the progesterone I should). This was a great help for most of my symptoms. If you try this be aware of initial estrogen symptoms as progesterone will displace estrogen from the estrogen receptors and put it back into circulation.


- astragalus 3x/week (I over-did this initially, using it every day and ended up with systemic inflammation). This has been the only thing that has stopped my hair from falling out. Buhner suggests that it boosts the immune system, and it is one of the herbs he thinks is important for overcoming lyme, however he cautions it's overuse in chronic lyme. He is right on.


- Oh, and don't forget exercise. Walking 1hr/day with my dogs and HIIT a couple times a week.

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I just called my GP, to see if I can get in to see him.


This morning, I feel like my neck base is swollen on the right side (above my collar bone), it might all be in my head, but I'd like to know.


My GP is now officially a GI, I should have said my stomach hurts, ugghhh.


Waiting for them to call me back.



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Hope - most things I've read about NAC suggest it's good for the liver. So what I'm reporting is only circumstantial and is often the case, I'm reporting a reaction that's atypical (I swear most of my life reminds me of the sesame Street song "which one of these things is not like the other, which one of these doesn't belong" and I'm always that "thing").


I was on two supplements - Milk thistle and NAC - when I went to my PCP in March for my annual physical. I'd been taking milk thistle for about 2 yrs - initially made me feel great then eventually became my new "normal" and I didn't notice much difference. But took it along with my DS while he was on so many abx. Last year, my liver enzymes were normal, so I don't think the milk thistle was causing problems. But this past January (2 months before my physical) I started taking NAC as a mucus thinner for a chronic cough I develop every winter. Usually, I get a cold and a bad cough and then the cold goes away but the cough stays with me for the rest of the winter. Since I had NAC on hand (from trying it for DD who flipped out on it), I took it and it broke up my cough and made it go away. How totally awesome! But then over time, I started to gain a little weight and became depressed/lethargic. I blamed it on winter depression and getting closer to menopause. Then I had my physical and both my ALT and AST liver enzymes came back in the high 70s-80s (normal is below 50). So I stopped both milk thistle and NAC, since each can effect liver (tho both supposedly in a good way). I waited 6 weeks and re-checked liver panel. AST and ALT back in the 20s.


The dr said it could've been that I was fighting a virus the first time we tested and it could have nothing to do with the supplements. But when I stopped them, my depression/lethargy lifted and my love handles have disappeared - no change in diet or exercise (alas). Because I'd been on MT for 2 yrs, I tend to suspect NAC. I should have my 23andMe results in about a week and I'm starting to suspect I'm CBS+. If so, then both NAC and MT would be bad for me, as both are sulfurs. So it could be that I was able to tolerate MT but then when I added the NAC, it tipped the scales and became more than my body could handle, causing a spike in ammoina and an overload on the liver. The depression could have been a sign of toxicity buildup and blood that wasn't being filtered well enough. Speculation on my part.


But I know my DD can't tolerate NAC and although I felt no mood swings or increase in anxiety, I did experience a drastic change in depression symptoms. I now feel like myself again. Could've been some mystery virus, but I'll be steering clear of NAC even if I don't end up having a CBS mutation.

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Every symptom you are describing sounds like a thyroid problem. My hypothyroidism was uncovered 3 years ago and I had no idea it was going on.


Our LLMD, who is an integrative doc, treats my thyroid disease very aggressively. She follows the newest guidelines for TSH levels, but most docs are still not following them.


She treats if the TSH level is out of this range: 0.25 - 2.5.


I personally feel best (and she says a lot of her Lyme patients report the same) when my TSH is almost 0. Yes, this sounds wacky.


Once I was treated with Armour Thyroid, I dropped 20 lbs, had more energy, was not depressed, stopped losing hair and my skin quality improved.



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So sorry! Like you need this too?? This happened to me years ago when I cold turkeyed off of birth control. Happened again a few months after I stopped breast feeding my son. Recently, it has been happening again...I have started to have less regular periods over the last year and I just turned 49...I know, TNI, lol! However, I belive that it is hoemonal, at least for me. Severe stress causes hormonal imbalance as well...really ;) I take prenatals to make sure I get lots of iron and vites. This helps. I use one with the DHA and calcium as well - called "Citrinatal". It is a script.

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Thanks guys!!


I'm making an appointment next week since I haven't been in an embarrassingly long time!!


Probably should be eating better.


Anyone else get the "you should get some rest" comment from well meaning friends/relatives??

So annoying.



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