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I haven't felt this good in a long time!

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I know everybody always says we should take care of ourselves so we can be good and strong for our kids...yada,yada. And that makes a lot of sense, but finding the time and energy to take care of myself has been hard- and you'd think me taking care of EVERYBODY else, somebody would step up to the plate and take care of me. Anyway, I've been a huge crankypants lately and whining and complaining and just irritated all the time. So, for mother's day, My oldest daughter (she's a mom, too) and I decided we'd play hooky from motherhood. We really didn't do anything special- just some shopping, some eating- saw a stupid movie...w/ no particular plan or time we had to be back by. I haven't had a day off since....well a very long time. It really, really did me good! I just feel very happy- all that irritating stuff in my life is kind of amusing now. And I appreciate my PANDA girl more, too!

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Oh yeah! I asked my husband for the gift of solitude on M.D. - a souped up way of saying time to watch Real Housewives and putter around eating chips in peace - and he took dd fishing for the day. It was great.


Good for you!



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