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Not sure where to start.

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Hi all,


I'm new to this forum, but I have read widely and would like to offer some observations.

I am dealing with a family member, Dan, now in mid-20s who has motor ticcing of truck, legs, arms, that has become, now, quite severe. This developed when about 10--and seemed to wax and wane. It would definitely get worse with Red food coloring and junk food (Twizzlers were a nightmare and could set him off immediately). When he was at home, I could adjust diet and things were better--but now, after college and junk food existence, etc. we seem to be back to square one. I am a former school teacher (now an academic research/reference librarian) and I could link ADHD and junk food with clear observation.


We are currently with Dan and are trying a food elimination diet--trying to tease out food allergies. He was allergic to milk as child. Also noted

that allergies/gastrointestinal problems/ and motor ticcing seem to occur in threes--and this is the case with Dan. Now that Dan is older and is

serious about finding a remedy and trying alternative methods-- we are hopeful.


After going through two pediatric neurologists and one recent neurologist who just confirmed (again) motor tics we got the usual statement:

nothing can be done, it's genetic, here are powerful drugs with some side effects that are irreversible (and fatal) ,etc. We will not be going that route.

Motor tics are a neurological conditions with powerful neurotransmitters, etc. involved. Here is some breakthrough research which could be



Dr. Terry Wahls (Internal Medicine Specialist in Iowa) has reversed her Multiple Sclerosis (MS) another neurodegenerative disease, after 7 years of disablement and 4 years of being wheel-chair bound,through diet, muscle stimulation, and exercise. She recognized that conventional medicine was not helping and she was becoming severely disabled, so, as a doctor, she researched the literature and came up with her own treatment plan. You can google her name--and see her Ted Talk (17 minutes, then another for nearly an hour). Her book, Minding My Mitochondria, 2nd ed. goes into detailed overview of the brain and nutrients needed for proper functioning. Her charts provide

a diet-based approach, as she says that supplements are so meager and we really don't know enough about supplementation. I would highly advise anyone dealing with ticcing to get this book. Brain health is stressed in this book.


Dr. Wahls was kind enough to respond to our family plea for help--and recommended we consult or read more about the work of Dr. David Perlmutter, a Board Certified Neurologist in Florida with a nutritional approach to brain health. Dr. Perlmutter is all over the web when you google him.


Dr. Wahls also recommended the Institute for Functional Medicine to find specialists who might help. www.functionalmedicine.org


We are currently working on a food elimination food plan for Dan (never say diet) that will provide food nutrients for better brain health, but eliminate the worst foods for allergies. (8 foods cause 90% of all allergies: peanuts; tree nuts; milk; eggs; gluten, soy, fish, and shell fish--this from foodalergy.org) We are also eliminating all food colorings, flavorings, preservatives, additional chemicals that could cause problems--fragrances, etc. there is a huge host of products that can cause problems--and your website here has addressed a number of these. The irony is that my husband and I really are healthy eaters, I cook from scratch, even do wheat-grass juicing--but Dan has lived a different life. Dan is now ready for anything it takes to get healthy again, so we're all working on this.


I will keep you posted--and I am trying really hard to figure out the connections between all of this.


Thank you, Helpful Mom

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It sounds like Dan is really lucky to have you in his life!! Yes dyes are evil! Good luck and I hope all goes well!!


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