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Mycoplasma how can I get rid of you

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We are Myco P warriors also. Been fighting it for 2 years. I think we may be about to win this battle. What are the IgM titers? It will take a very long time to see IgG titers drop. We saw nothing on IgG for over a year either. What we saw first was a VERY gradual decline in IgM. The first year my daughter took Zith, then she took Biaxin. When we started seeing an LLMD, they put her on Minocycline and Cefdiner. She had a huge herx from that but her IgM titers really started to decline after that. We did that combo for about six months and then they wanted to switch her over to Septra & Amoxicillin. Ended up she couldn't tolerate Septra and we were never able to get her up to the optimal dose. We later found out she has a SNP that prevents her from metabolizing sulfa drugs. So currently dd is on Zith, Rifampin, amoxicillin. In January, her IgM titers were in the high normal range for the first time, but her IgG levels were still high. This was the first time though that her IgG levels ever read anything other than >5, so obviously we are headed in the right direction.


So what you need to look for is trending in the IgM titers because that indicates the status of the current infection. You may need to consider a different antibiotic combo. How are her symptoms? Is she doing better? If you aren't seeing any difference in symptoms then I think you absolutely should think about different antibiotics. Best of luck.



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IgG titers are also of concern and their directional movement is important. A highly elevated IgG in absence of IgM can just mean its a very chronic mycoplasma infection. I've been treated for mycoplasma almost 3 years and still positive. General combo'd antibiotics for Lyme treatment should provide enough coverage to deal with the mycoplasma infection. However, you can add some herbal remedies to help address like A-Mcyo by Bryon White, Olive Leaf Extract (also good anti-viral).

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IGM is normal, it's only the IGG that has been elevated for over 12 months. DD9 has been on at various times: Amox, Doxy, Biaxin/Augmentin and now Zith/Rifampin. Younger DD just had a HORRENDOUS reaction to Bactrim so our family is permanently off sulfa drugs. DD9 still has the sliver of stretch marks that came out when we started Rifampin, foot pain, numb legs when she sits on the floor, some arm pain and her eye blurriness comes back sometimes. Some compulsive skin picking has returned - ugh. Most seem like Bart symptoms? Our integrative today suggested adding l-Carnitine and bumping up the B12. She too said Myco will take a long time as long as Lyme is still active. I am considering Cefdinir/Zith at some point, it seems to have worked for lots of folks. ASO is well within normal range for the first time, I guess the Rifampin helped that - at least some progress :)

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My son cleared myco p much faster than my daughter. They added bovine colostrum to his therapy (my daughter refused to take it because it smelled funny). So I do believe that adding some supplements can speed up the process. Also, our LLMD said that she likes minocycline for Myco because it crosses the blood brain barrier. We used it with cefdiner.



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Byron White makes an A-Myco formula,

and Stephen Buhner just released a new book

Healing Lyme Disease Co-infections: Complementary and Holistic Treatments for Bartonella and Mycoplasma.

Also, Researched Nutritionals had a supplement Transfer Factor PlasMYC.

I did herb tinctures and some Researched Nutritionals supplements while on antibiotics for infections.

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Just got DS's blood results, Strep is going down nicely as well as Coxsackie, but MYco went up as did Parvo.


11/14/12 1/2/13 5/16/13
MYCOPLASMA <0.9 IgG 116 103 194
<0.9 IgM <770 <770 <770

PARVO B-19 <0.9 IGG 0.7 1.5
<0.9 IGM 0.2 0.1


DS15 is currently on Augmentin XR 4000/day, Valtrex 2000/day and Doxcycline 200mg


His mood is better, but he is still stuck in severe OCD. I have an appt with dr to discuss test results next week, but figured I'd see if anyone had any pointers. His vitamin D has dropped too, and I'd love to get rid of Doxy so at least he can sit in the sun without my worrying.


We also did the Cunnigham panel and I need to call them, but it's a rotten day to call Oklahoma City : (


Thanks as always,


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Hi- don't know if any of you got the chance to read through Buhner's new book on Mycoplasma and Bartonella, but I've spent the last few days in it and found it extremely interesting,

as he details how the infections affect all the different cells and systems in the body.


Myco is not our issue, I spent most of the time on the Bartonella part, researching some of his recommendations,

but 1 bit about Myco he emphasized:

Mycoplasma infections, especially of long duration, are first and foremost nutrient deficiency diseases.

The bacteria utilizes so many nutrients from the body, replacing the nutrients is really, really important.

In bold he wrote: Meat proteins are essential.


There is more, but for Myco, I thought this book offered valuable information.

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What is a myco p carrier? I was recently tested to make sure that I wouldn't infect my PANDAS kid and was found to have titers that are sky high. While my elevated strep titers were brought down with a simple course of Zith, nothing seems to impact the mycoplasma pneumoniae results. Since learning about this, I've been prescribed a 30 day supply of Minocin, Azithromycin, Clindomycin and Biaxin, all at high dosages to no avail. My IgG has remained at >5 and my IgM is 1200+. I am completely asymtomatic. Does anyone have any thoughts about whether this is a problem for me or my kid and if so, what I should do about it.

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Great ideas everyone - reading and learning. We are sick to death of being sick with myco in our house x4 of us. Zith, cipro, biaxin, doxy and sulpha drugs plus Olive leaf extract on board in various combos for each of us. The meat protein is very important for us.

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I wish I knew how to get rid of it for sure. An unfortunate thing about the testing- if u use a big lab, and even if u don't, I think they all sent this test out to a handful of speciality labs, and one if them gives you results like yours- a really good IgM and a greater than value for IgG.

We were tracking IgG- so doc had to call the lab director to get the actual number, since it only said >5. Since >1.1 is positive, I thought his actual number would be 5.something. It was 11.something.


Our usual lab - LabCorp- is the opposite. They give u a detailed IgG, but not IgM. At least, if your IgM is negative, DSs is negative.


From what I have read tracking your IgG is the best way to tell if your infection is active. IgM often does not show up in reacted, or chronic infection. Yours appears to still be active, but a falling IgM does not mean u have cleared the myco.


DS was on ver high does Doxy for several months, and his IgG was slowly going down. We recently went off all antibiotics, and after 3 months off I had his retested- to see if the IgG was still going down. Unfortunately I had another test to do and only Quest had that test, so I used them and discovered the different reporting format. In addition to giving

You the only a > value to go on, Im still trying to find out if I can compare the values to each other for tracking purposes.

His last igG Labcorp numbers in march were 2025(or close to that) and the Qurst number taken 3 months layer was 11.45...(had to call for that as I said).

But I can tell u that the high dose if Doxy for several months, was slowly

Bringing his igG down. He also took a few other antibiotics in there, and some herbals and supplements, but the Doxy was most consistent. Pretty much followed Garth Nicohlsons protocol that you can read about at immed.org.

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