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Hi there I have recently started my son on juice plus chewables as I had heard it had benefits in some cases for TS patients . His tics seem to have suddenly increased at the same time . Does anyone know if there's a link here ? Anyone else experienced this ?? Thanks :)

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I had never heard of it before...not sure why it would have specific benefits for TS?


It's good to have fruits and veggies but not everyone can handle all of them, and especially not in such concentrate form! Your child may be sensitive to one or more of the ingedients.


Personally I would not go near anything with maltodextrin in it....it is an artificially produced sweetener and imo not a very healthy substance.

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You may want to read the adverse side effects etc section about this product :o




the gastric adverse effects are possibly due to that maltodextrin!


It also sounds like this MLM scheme is like many others...claiming a miracle "cure all" for everything <_<


imho it may be better to just juice your own tolerated fruit and veg and serve as juice, smoothies

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thanks for the replies. I have stopped giving it to him in case it was the wrong thing. can anyone suggest a good multi to start on? I am still so overwhelmed by supplements and uncertainty as to where to start. also love to get a clear idea of which fish oil or alternative I should be looking for. apparently there is a certain balance of the 3- 6 - 9 ?? to get ? any advice hugely appreciated


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