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Hair sample allergy testing

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Sorry i know i ask waaaaay to many questions ont his forum but i truely appreciate all the help while i tackle this on my own.

Just wondering about peoples thoughts and experiences with this kind of testing? I'm not sure whats offered in other countries but here in Australia we can get a bio-compatibility test done through Natropaths, health food shops etc where they send off the hair sample and check it against 401 items including food, household items and other things.



These Items came up as bad for his body -










Salt - refined table only


Beef stock


pork (but not bacon)

Butter (ghee fine)

Eggs :(


Milk A2

Milk full cream

Milk skim

(but ok for cows cheese, yogurt and cream also ok for goats fetta, cheese and milk)


snow peas

Baked beans - all brands tested



Tomato (but not tomato sauce or paste)

Pine nuts

Corn thins

Rye - everything rye!!

ALL chocolate! (carob fine)

sulatana bran

coles sensitive 30+ sunscreen (banana boat and uv triplegard fine)

Exit Mould


ISOwhey protein powder

Cigarette smoke

Soy milks (tofu fine)

Macadamia oil (macadamias fine)


Does that seem like a lot? is it strange that it would come up that he cant have tomatoes but then the sauces are fine and same with other things like the milk but then cheese and yogurt fine or is it something to do with the way its processed and the body handles it?


The only thing that he has that come up in Red that it would seem i need to remove is eggs which i'm really bummed about! He is still on a pretty strict diet while we sort out this candida issue so not having the other things anyway.


I'm also thinking maybe i need to re-try a purer form of fish oil as the one i felt he reacted too early on in the year was hugely LEMON flavoured :/


I got this done for my son for a starting point until we can see a environmental dr in June, Is it likely a dr will use this info to run more approved medical allergy testing?


Any thoughts or opinions greatly appreciated :)




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Hi Vanessa,


Is this something that can be done at any naturopathic practice? Being in Darwin our options are extremely limited so this seems like an awesome opportunity. Did they also help you work out a diet plan for you son or offer you any other options or support?



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Hi Lee


I got this done through the natropath that works out of our 'Healthy life' health shop in our shopping centre but the actual Natropath we were seeing said she also could do it as well, We are no longer seeing our Natropath though as her particular approach wasn't what i was after. Do you have a health food shop in your town that may offer the service? or i think if you google it you can print forms online and send it away yourself but i wouldn't know who was reliable to suggest to do it that way sorry. I'm also not sure of the accuracy of the testing hence my post but thought it was a good place to start and hopefully not a waste of money.


Do you have any environmental dr's in Darwin or close by? That would be the best option.


As far as diet plan goes ours was first based on our Natropath suggesting my son has Candida/leaky gut so going gluten free, colour and preservative free and then i researched a whole lot myself to come up with what my son is currently eating. The paperwork that came with the test said to eliminate the foods that tested bad for a minimum of 6 months then re- test before trying to re-introduce.


Let me know how you go :)

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I have only ever heard of hair testing to measure existing leavels of nutrients or toxins etc....but have not heard of doing it to test for potential allergies or reactivity? Maybe that is a newer development.


When we had it done over a decade ago, it was pretty accurate compared with the blood tests we also ran in determining levels of heavy metal toxicity as well as nutrients etc. We had sensitivity/allergy testing done via radiogenics, which again was rather amazingly accurate when compared with later blood tests.

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