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Does drug addiction (meth) have anything to do with TS

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Okay, I am going to open myself up here and become vulnerable. I have not heard anyone talk on this subject since I have been researching TS, ADHD, OCD and anxiety and I am wondering if at all you have experienced some of the same, you might be comfortable sharing.


My grandson’s father has been in prison 9 out of the 12 years of his life. All drug related charges. He has been involved with methamphetamine since he was 16, so obviously he used at the time my daughter got pregnant.


She was not using but had used in the past. She remained sober until Austin was 18 months old and then took off one night and left me with him and basically did not resurface until she was arrested 4 years later. She has now celebrated 9 years in recovery and that is a great accomplishment for meth addicts as their recovery rate is very low.


Have you ever had anyone or heard of anyone connect meth use with TS and/or the other disorders?

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Hi -- Sorry to read of the very difficult time you have been through. Meth directly affects the central nervous system, and muscle tics and twitches/exacerbation of Tourettes, are a possible side effect, even when the drug is prescribed.


It is feasible that your grandson has inherited a hypersensitivity. But that does not mean that he cannot be helped.


Is he still in your care? So glad to know his mother is doing well now, that must be a big relief for you. Sheila

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I think there can behaviours like drug addiction which often happen in people who have ADHD, poor impulse control, behavioural issues, mental health issues. Both your daughter and her partner may have had these disorders, undiagnosed. TS fits under the same umbrella as disorders such as ADHD, ASD etc, so it is more likely that your grandson has inherited his parents genes that have presented in TS with him. Ofcourse there is not enough research done on the effects meth and disorders in children who's parents used, so anything is a potential. But IMHO, I would assume parental drug use was self medicating cover for undiagnosed disorders in the parents, and luckily your grandson has a diagnosis to hopefully steer him down a different path.

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