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Having trouble with doctors + insurance.


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Seems like my pans doctor is super busy and I'm having trouble getting things moving. I have to constantly make phone calls and only speak with secretary. Just getting the initial lab work was A HUGE ORDEAL. I was making phone calls constantly.


We are supposed to do genetic testing but the insurance company won't approve it until the doctor sends them notes - so they've faxed him several times and I've called.............I don't know what to do.


I'm really really sick not only with PANS but M.E./CFS and my mom just cannot help me as she is going through a divorce / separation of 30 year marriage.


I was recently granted medicaid but I have no idea what benefits I may or may not have.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I have a ton of fatigue and daytime sleepiness so everything is a herculean task. It'd be nice to find an advocate but I've been unsuccessful after contacting several people online. It's all very very stressful for me.



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