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kidneys: hydronephrosis

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Thanks for the reply. We'll be seeing a nephrologist later this week, though I'm not really expecting the doc to know much about possible connections to PANDAS. Dd's urinary symptoms have coincided with PANDAS flares, and when I saw neurogenic bladder listed as one of the causes (when the condition isn't congenital), it made me wonder about the relationship, or possibility of a relationship. If I do learn anything about this I'll let you know what I find out.


Sorry about your kiddo's GI issues. Hope you find relief soon!

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Any info is appreciated.

We tried removal diets for tummy pains with no substantial results. Now attempting Prilosec. Next step is testing; probably endoscopy. Trial off abx to heal gut - PANS symptoms have been manageable so far. Ds just wants it all to go away.

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