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Could someone look at this link for me?

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Our Natropath wants my son to start taking 1 of these a day but i'm really confused about histidine after seaching on here and google. If someone could take a look at the ingredients for me and the list of excipients incase there is anything that might be a know tic trigger i'd really appreciate it :)

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Thanks Chemar for your opinion


My gut instinct was to not use it, I gave it too him for about 4 days roughly 5 weeks ago when she first gave it to us and i'm sure it bought on a head shake! We had a appt with her yesterday and she said she has 4 other kids with tics that she is currently seeing and they have done well on it along with activated b complex but i still was/am unsure.


I think i'm just going to stick to getting him a good multi and continue with the candaplex for his gut and introduce some probiotics. At least until our appt in June with the neurologist.

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Hi Logismum,


I agree with the other posters--I would not give this supplement to my child.


The human body is incredibly complex and food is always your best bet.

Read the work of Terry Wahls, M.D. as she worked to reverse her MS (Multiple Sclerosis)--after near disablement

for 7 years, she is going on 18 miles bike rides! She first started

with vitamin supplements, then bypassed this in favor of real food that supplied real nutrition. www.terrywahls.com

Her work applies to all of us on this forum as well.


I would go to whfoods.com (World's Healthiest Foods), click on colorful box that says "Essential Nutrients"

then you will get a list that will show magnesium, among many others. Click on the "magnesium" link

and you will see a wonderful overview of this nutrient and the best foods that supply it. (By the way,

a handful of pumpkin seeds along with a side dish of spinach would easily supply enough for a child.)

If your child has a known allergen, avoid that food. Also, there are problematic foods which I would eliminate

immediately: milk, gluten products (wheat, rye, barley, and sometimes oatmeal), anything with artificial flavors,

preservatives, colors, etc.


Nutrition is incredibly complex--and its effect on the brain even more so. Whole food, organic when possible

(to eliminate neurotoxins in the pesticide/fungicde sprays) is always best.


In my humble opinion, we are all seeking some sort of magic supplement that will turn off our kids health problems.

It really is just more basic--we need to be eating real food in order to help the body to heal.


Thanks, Hopeful 2 (Mom)

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Hi hopeful2


I never ended up giving it to my son as my gut feeling was not too and thanks to researching the product and answers on here. I ended up going with a multi from thorne research as well as an anti fungul for candida and a probiotic. My son is doing really good atm and has been steady with minimal tics for about 4 weeks. We have been gluten, colour, preservative, yeast free since January and he has also been dairy free for the last couple of months and egg free for a few weeks now.


We have also since seen and evironmental dr who is doing some heavy metal testing, blood tests to check important levels and check strep tilters as well as a test for Pyroluria.


Getting there slowly i think, Thank you for your advice :)

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