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We live within simple driving distance of Dr. L and are considering scheduling an appointment. My son's case is relatively mild and straightforward, but my hope is to keep it that way.


About how much does she charge for an initial appointment? (Ballpark estimate is fine)


Does insurance cover bloodwork if it is done at a covered facility?


We don't need dramatic intervention, but we do need someone willing to prescribe, monitor, and change antibiotics as necessary, and to have someone on our side in case things get worse.

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Well, I need Dr. L for the same type of care as you, nothing major, just abx and follow-up and to be there if things went south. I paid almost $1000 for initial visit (2 kids)...and follow-ups have been $500 and we go once a year. Hope that helps. (and remember this is for 2 kids...so divide it)

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Also remember that although Dr L and many others who treat pandas and/or lyme don't take insurance, they do give you the form you need so you can submit your own claim. Dr L was out-of-network for us, but when we submitted our claim, we were reimbursed at the 60% out of network rate. So her $400 office visit cost us $240 out of pocket. (tho this was her fee in 2010 - don't know what her fees are now). She is very hard to contact in between office visits, which requires a lot of persistence and patience on your part, but she is very, very good at what she does.

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