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Hi. There will be two upcoming proposed legislation relevant to PANDAS brought to Senator Lovely's Office regarding PANDAS.

Bill Title:An Act designating PANDAS/PANS Awareness Day


Committee Assignment: Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight

Contact Number: 617-722-2140


And An Act relative to insurance coverage for PANDAS/PANS, Bill #H984, Joint Committee on Financial Services, contact # 617-722-2220.


I called the office to see when the public hearing is set. It wasn't set as of 4/8/13. I am going to try to go and share our story.

If you can, PLEASE write or call Senator Lovely with your story. If you can, please attend the hearing. Maybe someone can get on the floor and speak. Imagine if these pass and more families will have coverage for PANDAS. WOW!

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This is amazing and wonderful! If only I lived in Mass. I would be there in a heartbeat--

thank you ALL who contibuted to getting this moving...what can we do to do this in other states???


Is there a protocol to do, could one be written up and distributed and we could take it, do it, and contact our own congressmen/women across the country?


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It's great that so many people are getting involved with the effort. John Scibak is sponsoring the bill. The following are registered co-sponsers as of the filing deadline in January.


John W. Scibak

2nd Hampshire

Peter V. Kocot

1st Hampshire

John D. Keenan

7th Essex

Stanley C. Rosenberg

Hampshire, Franklin and Worcester

Ellen Story

3rd Hampshire

Josh S. Cutler

6th Plymouth

Garrett J. Bradley

3rd Plymouth

James M. Cantwell

4th Plymouth

Thomas J. Calter

12th Plymouth

Sal N. DiDomenico

Middlesex and Suffolk

Carolyn C. Dykema

8th Middlesex

Walter F. Timilty

7th Norfolk

James M. Murphy

4th Norfolk

Rhonda Nyman

5th Plymouth

Karen E. Spilka

Second Middlesex and Norfolk

John J. Lawn, Jr.

10th Middlesex

Marjorie C. Decker

25th Middlesex

Steven M. Walsh

11th Essex


We have been communicating with the Committee's to which we've been assigned for the two bills to determine our hearing date. We have filed for the 2013(14) Legislative Session so we may not get a hearing until next year. However, we have been told that we will have less than two weeks notice between the the scheduling of our hearing date and the actual hearing. So we need to make sure that we have all of our resources at the ready. Hopefully, we will be able to get these bills passed! We will post any information as this unfolds. Thanks everyone! Heather and Jacob

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