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It depends on what blood components you are testing for - CBC and CMP you can test anytime. But if you are looking for infections, you will have to wait.


We waited 4 weeks between IVIGs to do an infection panel. Doc said it would be accurate and not skewed by donor IG. She was correct b/c the only infections that were positive were ones that we knew he already had.





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Thanks ThenMama. I listened to the whole show and it does seem like 1.5 months is the minimum post IVIG and steroids. We are at week 10 post IVIG. I just looked up their site and saw this blurb:

"...some states require additional licensure to be able to test specimens from residents in their state. We are working now with the following states that require additional regulations beyond the federal CLIA and national COLA accreditation. Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to test specimens from patients residing in the following states until these states issue their approval. This list has been updated to show the remaining states as of April 18, 2013. These include:

California Maryland Massachusetts

Florida Rhode Island New York"


Ughhh! Why is my state (NY) so backwards??



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