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Developing face rash: itchy, red spot, a few clear blisters?

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Ds has a new rash today.


There's a small red patch of skin that's developing on his face. It's in the chin area right below his lower lip near the corner of his mouth. It has a few small blisters filled with clear fluid. No crust or oozing right now. The blisters are sort of in a row, but not really a perfect line-- it's more like a little oblong patch (going down from lip corner) with a few blisters in it. No crusting or yellow at this point. We just noticed it this morning.


Can impetigo start with just a few clear blisters like that--or is it generally more oozy, crusty, and yellow from the outset?


Any other thoughts? He's seeing a ped later in the afternoon, but I've always found it helpful to get feedback and advice here in advance because sometimes our kids present in unusual ways. Having a heads up about what it may be and/or about tests or other things we should consider can be very helpful prep-- especially when it's our usual doc's day off.



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when ds first presented -- he had a mouth rash that would come and go -- not really blisters, redness.

we were seeing our first incompetent ped, who we quickly left as things developed, however -- at the initial time, i trusted them -- they blew it off as chapped lips and said he must be licking them.

as time has gone on -- HHV has been a troublesome virus for ds.

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Thanks for the helpful info.


His are a cluster of several small round blisters on his face near his lower lip on the one side, so sounds like it could be any of the issues mentioned so far. Hoping/expecting the ped to know what it is right of the bat, but at least now I have some things for us to consider if it isn't immediately clear.


Thanks, all :)

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