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I am looking into doing the 23andme test for my daughter. I am wondering if I can use a pseudonym to register the kit with? She already has such a difficult road ahead for insurance, I cannot do anything to make her insurance woos any worse than they already are. I know insurance is not "supposed" to discriminate based on genetic information, but I also know this law is subject to change in the future as is the laws of Obamacare where pre-exisiting conditions cannot be used as a means to deny coverage. Those ideas are an idealistic concept, while reality is often very different.


Also, can I pay for this test using Paypal, or is it a direct credit card payment?


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You can use a fake nAme. If PayPal isn't an option you can buy a prepaid Visa card at the drugstore and use that. They do have to mail the kit to you though.


Thank you. I just do not want her genetic information on the internet attached with her real name. At some point, I would be concerned about theft of information through hacking or physical theft of hard drives. Or, a new law coming about stating all genetic companies must turn over their data to a governing authority for some version of this insurance stuff we have now going. Call me paranoid, but it is HER information I would be gambling with and I will do all I can to protect her now and her future.

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