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Working towards Iv antibiotics

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Dr has prescribed Iv Rocephin for DS. He is currently taking orals and probiotics and some supplements. He drinks vast amounts of water.


I bought some new pearl probiotics that have 5 billion units (I think) and Alpha lipoic acid, as well as milk thistle to help with the detox.


I know Rocephin can be hard on the gall bladder. Any recommendations from Mom's who have been there? I want to protect him as much as possible from yeast, gallbladder issues and horrible herx reactions.



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My son (who was 14 at the time) was on IV Rocephin twice daily for 5 months Mon-Fri (took breaks on weekends). Of course, I worried about his gallbladder the entire time and some docs give Actigall prophylactically, but our LLMD did not recommend it. For detox we used NAC, high-dose probiotics, Milk Thistle, and lots of water. He made a lot of progress (i.e. his psychiatric symptoms were greatly reduced) on Rocephin.



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