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This is the only thing that makes her poop! Weird!

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I have tried high dose magnesium, metamusil, mineral oil, senekot, milk of mag. and nothing makes her poop. She is in the emergency room with rectal prolapse 3 times now. The only way I have been able to get her to poop, is to give her culturelle one night and skip the next night. She then poops. It is not the culturelle making her constipated 'cause she was constipated before this. We suspect clostridia and we are about to start vancomycen soon. (She's already on the amphoceterin.) My thought was that she is constipated from all the bad bacteria not being killed and pushed out, but I am not so sure about that. I just don't get why stopping and starting the culturelle makes her poop. Any ideas???

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Have you considered Alinia for the C- diff?

What about using other Probiotics instead of the Culturelle too?

Vitamin C , Magnesium, Castor oil cap, together to move bowels? Even Castor oil Packs on the Stomach area with a heating pad

for 20 mins, before bedtime.

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S.Smith thinks it's clostridia boltea (spelling???) We were only doing charcoal for detox, but I did not want to add anything else until we get her to poop. Why give stuff to detox if the toxins can't come out, I was thinking??? I am just giving 2 culturelle. She gets aggressive with more. I hate that I have to start/stop culturelle just to get her to poop, since she reacts to the slightest changes in supplements. I never tried Alinia, where do I get it? And no, I did not give the vitamin C, Mag, Castor oil all together. What do you meant "castor oil packs on the stomach area with heating pad" Isn't castor oil something you drink? Thanks for the help.

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