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blood test q's/ bontech q's and current situation

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A couple of weeks ago we seen a new paedatrician in town to try and get a dx for my son, This did not happen as he said he doesnt look like a TS kid!! :angry: He did midly motor and loudly vocal tic in the 45min appt though so go figure. Anyway the only good thing i did get out of the expensive appt was a blood test to check some viatmin levels and he also got a liver function test done. I am waiting to get a physical copy for my records but i was told that all the levels were within normal range, i'm just wondering in by how much so will have to wait for that. He tested for.....Magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron and i think something else. I guess my question is will my son still benefit from vitamins if his levels are ok?


We also have run out of vitamins from our natropath so my son hasnt been on anything for about 3 weeks now and i havent noticed a huge difference either way (maybe a little more vocal) so i am considering trying the Bontech supplements which have more correct levels suited to kids. Would i just start with the TS Control or purchase all of the products and introduce them slowly? He is still 90% vocal the rest motor. Also for those who dealt with Candida/leaky gut would you get that cleared first before introducing vitamins? I'm still only working with the naturopath on this one and need to get into her to do the candaplex/probiotic she's wants him to do next.


In the last couple of weeks we have managed to find ourselves a new gp who listened and is taking it seriously, I got a referral to a paediatric neurologist in Brisbane, (australia) who has experience with TS and was recommended to me from other parents on the wonderful australian ts fb page, Just waiting on a phone call and appt.



Any help/adivice appreciated :)


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until you have a definitive dx, you may be wasting money on the BonTech as they are specifically designed for people with TS


I am not sure what that doctor meant by "doesn't look like a TS kid" ???? Was he referring to physical appearance? as then he has no clue what he is talking about! If he was referring to the tics, well...the "official" info states that if both motor and vocal tics are present for at least a year, it is TS. However, now that more is known about so many other things that can trigger tics, one really needs to do more investigating before just assuming. As yet there is no definitive "test" that 100% confirms TS though gene research is promising imo

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I have no idea what he meant and i didn't bother to ask as i thought you arent the dr for us. he did say he had seen TS kids before. I'm hoping the appt with the neuro will be more helpful.


Thanks for the comment about the bontech supplements i had thought of that, that perhaps i should wait for a dx. I really don't know what else he could have besides TS though?


The waiting game begins, I wish i wasnt so impatient :(

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I like Thorne Research products as they are pure. The multi is called Basic Nutrients and comes in assorted combinations, including a children's formula. One can usually only get them via physicians but they are also sold via iherb.com. and iherb does ship internationally.

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