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How long does Magnesium take to see improvement?


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My 7 year old son started to have tics as well and after much research, I happened upon giving magnesium to help reduce tics. My son took the Magnesium Glycinate for about 1 week then I used used Magnasoothe balm (on his shoulders) and oil (on his feet) and massaged it in. I also gave him epsom salt baths (as that is magnesium). I also made other adjustments.


I have shared my story on Latitudes.org here.

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I am very new here, in fact this is my first post, I was directed to this site by a book I found "Natural Treatments for Tourette's and tics, I read the article on this website, by a mother who successfully used a product by KAL called Magnesium Glycinate 400, I have been taking it the past two days and have noticed a difference. I am 65 and my tics are so bad, the worst they ever have been. I purchased mine through Super Supplements locally. They have a great website. I do think it makes a difference what types you use. Before purchasing read the article on this website, http://latitudes.org/how-magnesium-helped-sons-tics-premium/ it is a very recent article posted April 7th of this year. I also changed my diet, I found when I ate an apple for instance my tics got worse, I discovered from reading the book, I mentioned earlier, that pesticides can be an issue. So I switched to totally organic produce, gluten free products, and my doctor suggested Greek Yogurt, which has many probiotics. I believe that diet, exercise along with certain supplements can help. If you have not read the Natural Treatment book, you should do that it has a wealth of information. I wish that we had this kind of info when I was growing up, I was not diagnosed until I was 29.


Update: so far I am on my third day, and my tics have decreased. Also I eliminated Caffeine, and all sugar free products and ALL artificial sweeteners..

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Did anyone compare two magnesium supplements,I mean natural calm and magnesium glycinate 400.


I just wondering which should be better?.

Now I'm taking magnesium malate which is also highly absorbable, but I don't see any effects.



@gnafish how big are these pills?. Is there a big problem to swallow it?

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We found all magnesium we tried helpful, even the pretty useless mag oxide, which is so poorly absorbed, but still had some effect in reducing the tics when we first started. But this was for Tourette Syndrome and I believe the research that Bonnie Grimaldi did on the need for magnesium to help reduce tics was related to TS as well


Magnesium taurate was very helpful. Then when we discovered Natural Calm it became an additional fast & easy way to get the mag in when needed. So we kept that on hand as well. Now my son uses a chelated mag blend in his multi

And the Mag sulphate in Epsom Salts has always been an essential here as well

400-500 mg mag a day was the dose recommended and suggested taken in a 2:1 ratio of calcium:magnesium

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Thanks Chemar, we have only given him 1/8th of a tsp for 4 days with good results. i was thinking of keeping him on it until schools out and then let the summer take its course. Not sure how to wean down from 1/8th of a tsp but I will try.


As for the Magnesium, maybe he does not need the calcium. Maybe I just need to give him magnesium alone.


I have the name of a great holistic pediatrician that I am going to take him to. I need to be under a physicians care with all these supplements and his regular pediatrician can only help so much. At first she said GABA was great! But when I asked her how long can I give it to him for she did not know.


That post from Dr wellness is scary because he mentions that after coming off of GABA the body becomes deficient in it! makes me think i could be hurting him by evn giving it to him.


i would rather get the whole magnesium supplement correct because that IS something I can give him long term without harmful side effects. Have you heard of cases where just Magnesium alone or magnesium Taurate helped better than the one with calcium?


By the way, thank you for consistenly answering all my questions :)

Calcium assists with the magnesium being taken up.absorbed by the body. I have seen in other posts that a 2 calcium 1 magnesium mixture is recommended. Strongs!!!!!!!!!

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