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Someone here mentioned that lamictal is helpful for ocd in pandas b/c it reduces glutamate. The more I read about this, the more fascinated and excited I get b/c of the overwhelming evidence to support this.


The government is doing clinical trials now with the ALS drug: riluzole (http://clinicaltrials.gov/show/nct00523718) in the treatment or augmentation of ocd.


They say 70% respond to ssri's and CBT, but the other 30% don't and that there has been successes with the glutamate reducers in the reamining 30 percenters (which would include me; I've tried most of the ssri's, maoi's, antipsychotics, and tricyclics with no benefit at all with ocd and very little benefit in depression).


I've never tried lamictal and this seems like an interesting topic to bring up with my psych. tomorrow.


I was just wondering if anyone else here had success in treating ocd and if they had tried any of the other ALS drugs?




P.S. Excuse any mistakes I may have typed out or included in my information, I am very very sleep deprived day in and day out and I deal with an incredibly insane amount of fatigue and excessive daytime sleepiness. Reading is very very difficult for me as is retaining information.

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My doctor gave me samples of Namenda. I am however terrified of trying new meds b/c of my sometimes bizarre, unpleasant, and even violent unexpected reactions.

I also don't like when I have no idea what it will do to me; morning or evening drug (usually I get sedated but sometimes wired and sky high hear rate). This says to start in the morning...................


Can anyone tell me what their experiences have been with Namenda? Did it make the patient tired, wired, sleepy, sedated?

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