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Hi everyone, as so many of us have picky eaters and kids with food issues, I wanted to share our experience with digestive enzymes. I'm kind of superstitious about saying anything is helping, but I will get past that in the hopes that maybe it can help someone else on this forum :)


We've been giving our DD digestive enzymes now for 1 month. They are chewable and she takes one with each meal. As you may have seen in previous posts, this is a child who has not gained weight in close to two years. She is growing in height, but at a slow rate and has stayed the same weight since at least September of 2011.


Well, in one month she has gained TWO POUNDS! I am almost crying as I type this. She is eating more at meal time and is less picky, more open to trying new foods. I really believe in the importance if gut health and the gut as our second brain. I really believe these are working for her and I hope someone might find this helpful for their child, too.

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We had/have a similar response to digestive enzymes. DD gained 5 pounds in the first two months after taking Houston TriEnza with DPP IV Activity. Her attention, mood, skin tone improved and she is also open to eating a wider range of foods. Her twin brother had a growth spurt and dropped his baby fat.... got much taller (he was already tall). He did not have the same attention issues but he stopped chewing his shirt/sleeves (this took a couple months). He is also open to eating a wider range of food including raw vegetables like beans, peppers, lettuce which is just shocking because he wouldn't touch vegetables previously. Older DS who was always a good eater but now has a fuller face.. nice healthy glow. His dark circles under his eyes and chronic chapped lips seemed to have resolved. The dark circles/chapped lips have come and gone so the jury is still out on if these particular symptom have truly resolved or its just temporary improvement from something else.


We are using TriEnza which is a focused enzyme for Gluten, Casein and Phenol breakdown. I am adding a Papaya based enzymes with larger amounts of protease to help with absorption and pancreatic function to see if we can't achieve further improvements. I am taking a protease enzyme that I feel is helping. I also have low pancreatic function like DD. If my dark circles under my eyes resolve I'll be thrilled.. not there yet. My chronically chapped lips are much better as well and I noticed that the freckles on my lips have faded.


If you have not read the book 'Enzymes of Autism and Other Neurological Disorders' I highly recommend it. It helped me to understand their role in immune function.

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Cool! We tried them for a while ourselves, but we uncovered a complication . . . just want to put it out there in the event others have a similar situation.


Many digestive enzyme products contain an enzyme -- cellulase -- which digests cellulose. However, cellulose is what is used with time-released meds such as Augmentin XR. So if you're using a time-released medication for your kid, you'll need an enzyme product that doesn't contain cellulase, or else you'll be undoing the benefit of the time release.

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The Trienza formulation from Houston enzymes specifically states it can be used with time released medications without interference.


FWIW, I went gluten free > a year ago (was NOT happy about it) but it did make an impact on me personally-so I stuck with it 100%

After completing Lyme treatment this year, I tried eating gluten again with digestive enzymes designed to break up the gluten/ aid in digesting it-

Well, very sad to say it didn't work nearly as well for me as being gluten free :-(.

So, I am back to GF- better digestion, no stomach pains.

My dd was GF/CF/SF for 2 whole years, took her off the diet, and give her the Trienza with meals.

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I posted a topic regarding yeast issues and got a few responses about digestive enzymes and I'm going to look into it too as soon as we get the yeast issues under control. I too am superstitious about posting too early so I hardly ever post.. I have a very picky eater who gags when trying to eat vegetables. I've been trying for years. I also don't add any supplements until I speak with our Integrative MD. I don't like to switch things up without getting the okay from the Doc.


Thanks for getting the word out, Hey 2lbs is 2lbs it's a step in the right direction.

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We are using Interphase Plus by Klaire Labs. Recommended by biomed doc. It's given 30 min before breakfast and dinner. It does contain cellulose. I never knew cellulose would interfere with XR meds. Thanks for that info. He doesn't take XR meds but I sometimes give him the Interphase with dinner in situations where we have been out and I couldn't give it to him.


Interphase Plus also contains EDTA which is biofilm busting. Honestly, I have no idea if is helping or not. We started seeing a biomed doc a yr ago and started quite a few things.

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