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Modified Citrus Pectin....anyone using for Biofilm mopup? Also Interfa

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Does anyone have any experience with using Pectin to mop up after biofilm protocol? I keep reading about Modified Citrus Pectin having been proven to bind released metals. I do not like though that the MCP products usually seem to contain Sodium and Potassium....as some of the other supplements can too and if you have ACE++, this might not be optimal.


Finally, Interfase PLus.......read that some people who have CBS mutation do not tolerate the PLUS (EDTA). I suppose this is why they are using the Pectin?? to bind metals instead. ANyhow, just looking for a way to bust biofilm, bind metals and avoid toxins stuck in body that can flare symptoms.


Thanks for any input or sharing of your experiences.



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My dd used Serraptease for biofilms, and I used Boulke, Serraptease, and I did use the Klaire Interphase Plus (with EDTA), but only for about 3 weeks-


Biofilm protocol (loosely)- give bust up biofilm products on empty stomach (upon awakening for us)

Hour or so later, all the 'killers': antibiotics, yeast killers, herbs that eradicate, etc.


Couple of hours later- mop up- over here we used bentonite capsules, charcoal capsules, or at night before bed I liked the herb

Triphala. Make sure the bowels move!


On the Klaire ETDA- I don't really have a heavy metal issue, and I felt like this product pulled minerals from me- which chelation does, of course, so be watchful of that- I discontinued it and thought Boulke was very effective-


As far as the CBS mutation, not an issue over here- and I have heard good things about pectin from others.

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