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Vistaril/Hydroxyzine Dosage for Anxiety

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For those of you whose children take Vistaril (Hydroxyzine) for Anxiety, what is the dosage and how often do you give it?


My daughter is 5.5 and I requested it for her pandas induced anxiety to see if it would help. She prescribed 10 to 15mg every 8 hours. My insurance nearly denied it because it said it was a HIGH dosage.... but everywhere I read online says 50mg over divided doses for under 6..

So that is really conflicting..


Just curious what dosage pandas kids were prescribed.

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How much does she weigh? The formula for lbs to kgms is: # lbs/2.2=kgms


Dosage Guidelines (social anxiety):

A typical adult dosage for Vistaril is 50 to 100 mg up to four times a day. Dosages for children under 6 years old are 2 mg per kilogram per day in divided dosages, not to exceed 50 mg per day.

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My son just turned 13 and is 110 lbs. I give him 25mg usually at night as getting to sleep for him creates a lot of anxiety. He worries about everything. He thinks about his day and what he has to do the next day, then he worries he won't get a good sleep. The more worked up he gets about it the longer he is awake. On those nights I just give him one and usually within 30 mins he is calm enough to sleep. I don't know about giving it during the day if it would cause sleepiness. It does help him though. He could take two at 50 mg if needed due to his weight, but one usually does the trick.

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