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We used it briefly a few years ago when DS was first dx'd with lyme by Dr M. But it was hard getting doses in DS after awhile. It hid well in a milk shake but after a few weeks, he got tired of being forced to drink one every day. At the time, we were also adding other supplements and cash was flying out the window, so it became a "nice to have" rather than a "must have" and when the balking at taking it started, it wasn't worth the battle. No idea of it helped.

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Our LLMD wants DD11 to use transfer factor 2x daily. We use Researched Nutritionals TransferFactor Multi-immune. We also used their Lyme specific transfer factor for about 1 year, but the LLMD told us we could discontinue it a couple of months ago. Lyme symptoms have never been a big problem for DD, more bartonella.


DD11 started using TtransferFactor Multi-Immune a couple of weeks before her abx protocols began 2 years ago. I noticed at the time that although it didn't help much with the pain/IBS symptoms, she seemed to have more energy, and her executive function improved a little (and believe me, anything positive at that point was very noticable). I remember thinking, as she made a couple of attempts to run on the beach - wow, maybe this is all that will be needed! Ha.


So, yes I did notice an improvement.

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I just posted about this on the other thread. My son started Trasfer Factor Lyme Plus 2.5 weeks ago. It brought hm out of remission and he started raging again. Stopped it a few days ago. He wasn't sleeping well. Interestingly, he was fine all day and when it was nearing bedtime, Boom. Then he was up many times during the night. Morning, he was fine again. Dr had me giving him one capsule at bedtime.


I know this sounds crazy but since I have a whole bottle, I'm going to try it on myself. I also have lyme.

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