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Hi all.


Just curious......


Our daughter was born with gastroschisis and has also been diagnosed with Tourette's. I have only ever come across one study on looking for a possible link between the two. Am wondering if anyone else out there also had gastroschisis and what your thoughts are about this???

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Yes, she is 9 now had the surgery straight after she was born. Spent 2 months in hospital and has had no problems since( re bowel ).


Our friends daughter,born 3 days after our own also had gastroschisis , just a much more severe form. Whilst she doesn't have TS I have noticed that she has Intense fears that someone in her family will die. These keep her up at night and stop her from doing things like sleeping over friends houses. She also has sensitivities to food, so much so that if she really dislikes the taste of something she will eventually make herself sick just to get it out.

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