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Possible way to support recovery from yeast

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On my recent readings on yeast, I came across something I figured I'd pass along. My DD has a methylation problem with her CBS gene, which causes problems with energy production and ammonia and problems handling sulfurs. Two of the things that are supposed to be good for her to work around this block is CoQ10 for cell energy (and this has made a big difference for her) and molybdenum. In researching molybdenum, I found that it helps break down acetaldelyde - the neurotoxin released by yeast. When yeast releases acetaldehyde, if your body can't break this down (which DD can't do well due to CBS +/-), the neurotoxin can't be expelled from the body. Instead, it accumulates in the soft tissues like the liver and leaves you with aches and feeling run down. Adding a small amount of molybdenum breaks the acetaldehyde into acetic acid, which can be excreted.


So I pass this along FWIW to those struggling with yeast and perhaps C Diff. Most supplements come in 100-200mcg doses, which is way too high IMO. Kids need 20-35mcg depending on age. The only thing I found was drops from Yasko's Holistic Health site, with one drop having 25mcg http://www.holisticheal.com/molybdenum-drops.html


DD needs this anyway, regardless of yeast, so I ordered some. I pass it along as an fyi.

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Molybdenum can also help with phenol issues- which my dd has had, and why curcumin hasn't worked for her- makes her very hyper.

For her phenol issues, which used to be more of an issue here, I would give Epsom salt baths, or a massage with magnesium sulfate cream.


I am not scientifically savvy enough to explain how this interplays with genetic markers (she is double A1298c)

I just know that giving digestive enzymes

(We use Trienza by Houston enzymes, which is a multi spectrum digestive enzyme, and helps break down gluten, casein, phenol, etc.)

has helped as well.


My dd takes a multi vitamin daily which contains a small amount of molybdenum.


The B vitamin Biotin also helps with excessive yeast.

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We are off to see a naturopath this weekend to hopefully get some help on our side of the border.


As I was describing DD11's major issues to the doctor over the phone (and I mentioned perhaps that yeast/detox was a factor, but with no test results because of candida testing restrictions in NY) - just to get an idea of whether or not I should even make an appointment - he suggested that he might start molybdenum drops both for yeast and because it would help with the downstream detox pathway. Yahoo! Someone in Ontario who might understand detox, and that we don't have to pay out-of-pocket to see!


Anyway, I suppose I shouldn't get my hopes too high, but thank-you, thank-you for your timely post, as well as the mention of dosages. Now I will have a little knowledge when I walk in there. It's sad when we have to become experts about everything.

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Interesting. Look for to hearing update on how your DD does on supplement.


S & S we had amazing results with Trienza by Houston as well but thought it more to be the gluten, casein issue.... but perhap it was the phenol. I am hoping to give some protease focused enzymes in combo with Houston (see if they can bring us further). DD has no absorption and pancreatic function. Unfortunately, we have to put the recent Flu in our household well behind us before we start something new.

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