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Recommended Probiotics?

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DS(14) is on Doxcycline,Azithromycin and Augmentin. Adding the Augmentin (Friday too early to really tell), may have helped.


I took him off florastor a week ago and now he is only on culturelle. What probiotics do you guys like? please include brands if possible.




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We use Truflora http://www.theralac.com/powerful-combinations.aspx 2x/week for yeast, Theralac http://www.theralac.com/default.aspx and Ultimate Flora http://www.ultimateflora.com/?gclid=CLWsisqTrLYCFe07OgodwCAA6A rotated the other 5 days. We shoot for 15-30 billion CFUs daily, given at bedtime when the stomach is less active (so more probiotics survive the stomach acid) and when the bowels are less active - and at least 2 hrs away from antibiotics. Probiotics that are stored refrigerated (like those in your local health food store) may have more love cultures than those stored for 6 mos in a hot Amazon warehouse. I buy many supps from Amazon but not probiotics. You can also look for supps that contain FOS - a prebiotic.


Some people really love Sacc Boullardis - a "good" yeast that can be taken at the same time as antibiotics. For reasons unknown to me, Sacc B makes my DS very angry and impulsive - as if he has a yeast infection. I've tried it twice with the same results, which is unfortunate because Sacc B is about the cheapest probiotic out there. So if you decide to use it, introduce it at a time when you're making no other changes and observe for a week. Then you'll have a better idea of how it effects your son.

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Our first PANDAS doc had my son taking VSL#3 450 billion CFU daily. IMO it was way too much for his system. We've been playing around with different brands and strains since Dec. and I think we finally found a good match for my son.


Once I stopped VSL#3 I saw an improvement in his tics & behavior. I know not all kids react, but my son seems to...might have been b/c VSL contains S. thermophilus.


Also, no matter how slowly I titrate or how long I try to push through, my son seems to regress on doses of probiotics higher than 25 billion, even with no S. thermophilus. At first I figured it was die-off from yeast, but even after weeks on higher doses he never improved, but as soon as i lower the dose of probiotic, his regression goes away.


Now we use florastor twice daily and Klaire ther-biotic children's chewable tablets (25 billion CFU) once daily. I also sometimes substitute Custom Probiotics 11 strain probiotic powder but no higher than 25 billion CFU.

I give the florastor twice daily with his Augmentin and the ther-biotic mid-day.

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I very much like Custom Probiotics products (without the strep strain)

Powders are not fun to get down,

so we use the adult CP1 formula, which is 50 billion in a capsule-



For myself, while in treatment, I used VSL capsules, which has the strep strain, which is fine for me. Very high count and quality.

I found Costco had the best price on this- they keep it cold in the pharmacy fridge. I preferred capsules.


My dd always reacted negatively to sac. bould. probiotic too, so I never gave that- we never had an issue with clostrida not using it.


I also think Theralac and the Klaire Detox (detox is without the strep strain) are excellent.

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