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Low grade fever? How to get treatment faster?

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Is it common to have a low grade fever during an exacerbation? My daughters OCD/Anxiety/School refusal came on suddenly monday correlated with a low grade fever. Today she has a low grade fever of 100.3, flushed cheeks and is actually one of her worst days so far. She keeps repeating the same thing over and over and she doesn't seem "there".. also started a throat clearing tic this morning.


She's on a 5 day steroid burst but no antibiotics yet. Her Nuero appointment is on Monday and I am assuming she'll prescribe some while we wait for lab results.

Also, how do you get treatment quickly for your child if the specialist they see is VERY hard to get into? We were lucky to get an appointment on Monday, otherwise would have had to wait until MAY!

If they need antibiotics.. how do you get them quick enough if appointments are hard to come by?

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Just ask your neuro to prescribe extra of whatever seems to work best for your child for that very reason. Although I have been trying to wean my son for months now, he usually gets another infection within a month or two of stopping the abx and I have some on hand to just re-start as soon as I notice a flair starting. I would panic if I was not able to start the antibiotics right away. Just explain that you would like extra for those times it won't be so easy to get an appointment right away. If your neuro is slightly familiar with pandas then this should not be a problem. Refills are wonderful. Good luck.

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My daughter has a vocal tic that only seems to be around when she runs a low grade fever. Certain behaviours return as well with the low grade fever ie seperation anxiety and minor nightmares. I am unclear which came first most the time now......the low grade fever or the minor exacerbations. Regardless, right now the low grade fevers usually resolve on their own in a day or two unless she is beginning to actually get sick.


My assumption is that she is exposed to something, reacts with a low grade fever, enters a minor flare, then pulls back out which resolves both the flare and the fever. Currently, we are on some natural abx, and natural anti-virals to boost her traditional abx. She is also taking some supplements to boost her immune system as well. Since I started these, she seems to pull out of these blips fairly quickly, but they are still occuring resonably frequently. We are seeing an immunologist on the 4th to see if anything is going on in our picture I am missing, and what else we need to do to boost her immune system.

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