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ALL of my 8yr. Old's Test Results...HELP!

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My 8 yr old daughter had sudden onset of OCD symptoms in Dec. of 2012. We met with Dr.K and he did bloodwk (titers and dnase) all normal, and then 14 day round of augmentum where we saw significant improvement in her OCD behavior. He would like for her to do IVIG. The surgical location he would like to do it at does not accept our insurance. We then found a local immunologist who was willing to do whatever tests I wanted to check for other infections. I brought him Dr. T's list of suggested tests...Here are the results. The immunologist found nothing to be problematic in his opinion except for the vit D (referred me to my PCP) and didn't know what to do with the reverse T3, serum results . I am wondering if I should be reading more into the results or take his word for it. Does anyone see something different, and where do you think I should go from here?




1-0.55 Immunoglobulin A, QN, Serum - 98

3-0.23 Immunoglobulin M, QN, Serum - 189

4-0.21 Immunoglobulin E, Total - 2

8-0.35 Immunolglobulin G, QN, Serum - 907

9-0.26 IGG, Subclass 1 - 504

12-0.37 IGG Subclass 2 - 348

14-<0.68 IGG Subclass 3 - 25

19-4.90 IGG Subclass 4 - 32


26-16.44 Tetanus Antitoxoid IGG AB - 0.36


56-1.19 Diptheria Antitoxoid AB - 0.54


68-0.97 Lyme IGG/IGM AB - <0.91


Lyme Disease AB, QUANT, IGM - <0.91




Antinuclear Antibodies Direct - Neg EBV Early Antigen AB, IGG - <0.2

TSH - 2.100 EBV AB VCA, IGG - <0.2

Reverse T3, SERUM - 31.0 EBV Nuclear Antigen AB, IGG - <0.2


M Pneumoniae IGG ABS - 962

M Pneumoniae IGM ABS - <770


Ferritin - 37 Calitriol(1, 25, DI-OH VIT D) - 62.7

Vitamin D, 25-HYDROXY - 23.8

Ceruloplasmin - 24.9


CBC Differential W Platelet- ALL Normal Bartonella: B. Henselae IGG, IGM - Both Neg

B. Quintana IGG, IGM - Both neg


Ehrlichia AB Panel - ALL neg

Enterovirus (ALL Coxsackies and Poliovirus) - Neg


Diptheria Immune status - 0.5


Haemophilus Influenzae B IGG - 0.21


Tetanus Immune Status - 0.4 Strep Grp A CUL-SCR - Neg

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we saw three different drs, an immunologist, dr Leckman at Yale, and dr b with similar blood test. neither of them suggested IVIG though we were leaning that way. all of them did suggest Abx.

in case of our son, dr b also suggeted steroid taper because his behavior was much worse than dd's.

in both cases, the ratinale for not going to IVIG is that abx had results.

you may want to talk to falks who did IVIG since it too is not the cure. the only cure happns when organism "rights" itself. abx, steroids, IVIG might help that happen.

can you tell us what your reasoning is to do IVIG?

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I am still investigating to see if IVIG is the right way for us to go. Not convinced in either direction. The IVIG was just recommended by Dr.K and we went ahead and checked to see if it was even an option through our insurance, as I am investigating all options at this point. I am new at this and believe my daughter deserves for us to make the most educated decision...don't know what that decision is yet. She is currently on a 40 day round of augmentum.

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@ beeskneesmommy...are those numbers crazy? I questionned the dr. about those numbers and her said it showed that she was infected in the past but now has the antibodies to protect herself against it, therefore she is not currently affected. Does that make sense? I don't really get it!

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If antibiotics are working, don't rush into IVIg. Is immunologist willing to do a steroid taper? They really helped us, although we did IVIg too. We paid a huge amount of money to the medical facility in Chicago. Keep going with your gut on this. Is there a way to go to Dr. B's office? He was a lifesaver for us.

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The doctor you asked about the IgG for Myco P is is WRONG. A negtaive IGM does not mean you don't have mycop P. It indicates that the infection is not new. MOST people that have MycoP recur, or when it becomes chronic, Stop making the IGM. IGM goes up at the beginning of the infection.


The only way to know if it is active is to retest it in a several weeks (I'm not sure exactly but probably at least 4-6 weeks). to see if that IgG is going up or down.


It is a COMMON misconception by virtually every doctor. I don't know why exactly, because if you read the literature on the tests from the test makers, it says if IGG is above range you should test again. I had 3 doctors that told me same as you - all of whom had to eat crow after I did my own research, and retested.


My son's myco P. IGG went from 2450 - to 2980. After viewing results even the Stanford immunologist agreed he's been wrong and that we should treat him for active myco infection.

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