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*@!$ - oral surgery for ds

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good news is ds is 13 days out of fever breaking and seems to be holding steady. yea! knock on wood!!!


other news is ortho consult today revealed why his previously loose tooth is no longer loose. apparently, has 2, possibly 3, supernumerary teeth crowding the root area. one is likely almost horizontal and heading toward roots of permanent front teeth, and causing permanent teeth to not move in. ortho thought should be taken out soon. luckily, thought we may be able to start consults now but plan to wait for surgery until after school ends in june. i was interested to see posts a month or so again about 'functional' dentistry and had contacted a few but hadn't gone so may consult there also.


please experiences and thoughts of pandas and anethesia and/or pandas and oral surgery. obviously, i'd like to avoid this but don't think we'll be able to for health of his teeth and lower jaw. thanks!!

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Having just went to a seminar where "cavitation" was mildly discussed by those in the audience, would make sure if anything pulled that the area underneath is cleaned bacterially very well. Mentioned was that some dentists use coloidal silver to clean the area thoroughly before doing any stitches.


Just another idea outside the norm. :)

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