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Could the steroids be working already?

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I took my 5 year old to her pediatrician while we wait for her nuero appointment. I asked if we could treat her for allergies as an "experiment" as her OCD only appears in the spring.

She prescribed a 5 day course of prednisolone, zyrtec and nasal spray. All her meds were given a few hours before Kindergarten started. She had a melt down before school not wanting to go which is typical during an exacerbation. I had to peel her out of the car and she was just a wreck. Was very hard to drop her off today. I expected her to be a mess when I picked her up.. but..

SHE WAS HAPPY. CALM. She asked to go to Mcdonalds to play, I gladly took her. She was so calm and anxiety free. I certainly wasn't expecting any improvement so soon (if at all..)..

So far this afternoon she has been great, doing her homework, playing, etc. Drastic difference.


Coincidence? We'll see what happens after her 5 day course.

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