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My 16 yr old son with autism/pandas has been getting treated with IVIG for 2 years. Our doctor recently switched from Gammagard to Octagam for IVIG. The past two months my son has been having a major flare of pandas symptoms which we have not seen for a long time. I am wondering if the Octagam IVIG product is effective for my son. Has anyone else noticed a difference?

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It is my understanding that it is just as effective as the 5% products, but may have less side effects as it causes less dehydration. That being said, Gamunex is still the only product approved for neuro disorders and the only one that I will let into my child at this point. I like their presentation of filtration processes. Perhaps a little OCD on my part, lol! It is my understanding that many hospitals are now in process of switching to 10% products like Octogam. Below is a side by side chart that gives some information.



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