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Why NAC is "bad" for my DD


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THANK YOU so much for posting this! DS12 had been on regular old penicillian per Dr.K (WA), but Dr. T changed him over to Biaxin. His symptoms amped up over the month so I'm also thinking that there is a link, because then DS12 totally went bananas last week when I supped him with Vit D 1000Mg, NAC 600 and Ubiquinol 100.


Dr. T did the Courtagen DNA testing. He wants him on the Ubiquinol and NAC as a result and has DH and I also undergoing DNA test for further investigation. Now I think we had best do the 23andMe as well.


At least he was off the Biaxin by then. Tried Azith, that was as bad if not worse than the Biaxin (anyone else had similar respons to Azith?). Now he's on Minocycline....so far ok.


Can you elaborate on what CBS is?


Sorry, I only know enough about all of this to be dangerous. All I know is my son has PANDAS and his issues are tic/tourettes in nature and unrelenting.



It's SO frustrating to try to help your child when all the 'good' stuff really ends up making them feel so, so much worse.


So happy I saw this post, thank you again.





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From this link: (scroll down past the diagram) http://www.heartfixer.com/AMRI-Nutrigenomics.htm#Methyl%20Cycle%20Genomic%20Analysis%20and%20Supplementation (excerpts are below - click link for full article)


CBS initiates the trans-sulfuration pathway, converting homocysteine in to cystathionine and its downstream metabolites. This is the most important Methyl Cycle defect. The CBS defect is an up regulation. Homocysteine and all of the upstream methyl cycle precursors will be “pulled down the CBS drain” to produce toxic levels of cystathionine metabolites. We treat CBS ( +) individuals with dietary animal protein and sulfate restriction and supplements designed to neutralize ammonia and speed up clearance of sulfite/sulfate.

Biochemistry – The 10-fold up regulation in CBS generates sulfur breakdown products (sulfite and sulfate, which stimulate the stress/cortisol “fight or flight” response), excess ammonia (in the process wasting BH4 which is used up detoxifying ammonia), hydrogen sulfide (producing “brain fog”), and alpha-keto glutarate (leading to “excitotoxicity”). The G6PDH enzyme system may be affected, leading to abnormalities in sugar control. Methylation intermediates will “fall through this drain”, so the entire system suffers; our defenses against viral invasion and toxicity suffer. Co-Q10 and Carnitine generation will fall off due to impaired methylation, and ATP levels fall, robbing you of energy.


Ammonia is produced during the metabolism of dietary protein. The CBS up regulation drains methyl cycle intermediates in to ammonia, more ammonia than your system can handle. Ammonia detoxification is metabolically expense, using up two molecules of BH4 per molecule of ammonia. BH4 is necessary to generate neurotransmitters (dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine) and nitric oxide, our key vasoprotective molecule. Thus it is easy to see how a CBS up regulation, by generating ammonia and depleting BH4, can set you up for neurological, psychological, and cardiovascular disease states. We cannot change your DNA. We cannot stop CBS from generating excess ammonia, but if we restrict animal protein in your diet, we can decrease your ammonia burden, preserving BH4, such that you can start making neurotransmitters and nitric oxide again – in other words, we can compensate for your genetic challenge. The herb Yucca, Dr. Yasko’s Ammonia support RNA product, and supplementation with charcoal and carnitine will bind up or neutralize ammonia, and add to your dietary efforts.


Sulfite is neurotoxic. Sulfite will be over produced by the CBS up regulation, and then requires conversion in to the less toxic sulfate molecule by the enzyme Sulfite Oxidase (SUOX). SUOX can easily be overwhelmed. Molybdenum is required for SUOX function, and is typically depleted in CBS (+/+) or (+/-) individuals.


While sulfate is less toxic than is sulfite, it will stimulate the adrenergic (fight or flight) limb of the autonomic nervous system and stimulate a cortisol stress response, revving you up into an unrelenting biochemical overdrive. If you have a CBS defect, we need to restrict your sulfur intake, at least until your urine sulfate (and your body sulfate burden) has decreased. The amino acids methionine, taurine, and cysteine all contain sulfur; they are concentrated in animal protein (thus the restriction on animal protein intake). Many nutritional supplements (MSM, N-acetyl cysteine, glutathione) that are good for most people are a problem for you. While certain aspects of your health will benefit from these agents, they will add to your sulfate/sulfite overload problem, adversely affecting the Methyl Cycle Defect that is the common denominator to all of your health problems. Many drugs are loaded with sulfur (sulfates, sulfites, metabolically active sulfur), so if you are CBS positive and I treat your hypertension with the diuretic hydrochlorothiazide, your diabetes with the sulfonylurea drug glipizide, and your urinary tract infection with a sulfa containing antibiotic, I will be lowering your blood pressure, lowering your blood sugar, and clearing bacteria from your bladder, but I will also be adding to your sulfate burden, compromising your biochemistry, and contributing to an ongoing decline in your health. I will be treating the manifestations of an underlying problem and at the same time adding to the underlying problem. If I treat your Mercury overload with DMSA or DMPS, I will remove a toxin from your body, but if you are CBS (+), I will be adding to your sulfate/sulfite pool, and sulfate/sulfite overload due to the CBS up regulation is likely playing a key role in your sensitivity to heavy metals and/or your inability to clear them. We can avoid this. We can hold sulfur containing agents until your sulfate burden has come under control. Learn all you can about the sulfur content of foodstuffs, supplements, and prescription drugs. Sulfites and Chronic Disease by Rick Williams (available at the office or at www.readingtarget.com/nosulfites) is an invaluable resource. Do not expect us to know the sulfur content of foodstuffs. Some tips on low sulfur eating are included at the end of this document, but do not expect us to tell you what to eat. We can’t do this. We do not have this knowledge. Please attend our monthly Methyl Cycle support groups meetings, and you may sign up for individual (or group) dietary change counseling. It is your responsibility to become expert in this area. I will work with you to phase out high-sulfur drugs and nutritionals from your program, but don’t expect me to get in right every time – please study your food, drug, and supplement labels.


Excitotoxicity – The CBS up regulation leads to excess production of alpha-ketoglutarate, which is converted in to glutamate, a stimulatory neurotransmitter. Under normal circumstances, glutamate will be converted in to GABA, a calming neurotransmitter, but the enzyme systems that convert glutamate in to GABA are compromised by lead and mercury, the clearance of which seems to be compromised in individuals with methyl cycle defects (here is a situation where dysfunction of a genetically abnormal enzyme leads to acquired dysfunction of a genetically normal enzyme system). The result is “excitotoxicity”, stimulatory behavior in autistic kids (“stims”) and anxiety and sleeplessness in adults. We approach this problem by limiting alpha-ketoglutarate and glutamate rich foods from your diet (more on Excitotoxicity to follow; diet tips in appendix) and by supplementing you with GABA, aiming to restore GABA:Glutamate balance. GABA is initiated at 500 mg once or twice a day, advancing the dose as you see fit by your response.


Abnormalities in BHMT (Betaine-Homocysteine Methyltransferase) aggravate and frequently co-exist with CBS defects. BHMT mediates the “backdoor” pathway of homocysteine metabolism, drawing homocysteine away from the trans-sulfuration pathway that is up regulated in CBS (+) individuals. A defect in BHMT, will thus mimic or add to a CBS defect. BHMT can be stimulated with Phosphatidylserine, Phosphatidylcholine (which is combined with the metal chelator EDTA in Lipophos EDTA), and the methyl donor TMG (Trimethylglycine), and one or more of these agents will be included in our treatment program for CBS (+) and/or BHMT (+) individuals.



In a sense, the key ultimate consequence of CBS/BHMT abnormalities will be BH4 deficiency. By neutralizing the consequence of your CBS up regulation and/or BHMT down regulations, your BH4 status should begin to return towards normal. We also can supplement you with BH4. It is strongly recommended that BH4 supplementation be held until all other Methyl Cycle pathways have been optimized. Pharmacological doses (200 mg/day) of BH4 has been shown to be safe and effective when used to treat endothelial dysfunction in hyperlipidemic individuals, and in dealing with Methyl Cycle defects, far lower nutritional doses (2.5 mg four times a day) are typically employed, but here a little bit of BH4 can go a long way, and we need to be prepared. If long-closed detox pathways are suddenly opened up, you could experience a detox reaction, so we need to get the rest of your systems up and running before we open these closed gates. If neurotransmitter generation suddenly comes back on line, and you are taking an anti-depressant drug or nutritional that preserves neurotransmitter levels, you could experience a neurotransmitter surge if we have not cut back on the drug dose. If we give you BH4 before you are ready, you will feel great for a day or two, and then “crash”, with fatigue and malaise, as we attempt to spin other metabolic wheels forward that are still stuck in the “off position”. Thus we need to be patient, take things step by step, with the long goal in mind.

Energy Production will falter. To generate ATP energy, you need Co-enzyme Q10 and Carnitine, but to manufacture these co-factors you need methyl groups, which tend to be in short supply in individuals with Methyl Cycle defects. To make matters worse, when energy is in short supply, homocysteine is shunted in to ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and alpha-ketoglutarate, and not in to its one beneficial metabolic product, glutathione. NADH, Carnitine, Co-enzyme Q10, and its non-oxidizeable 1st cousin Idebenone will all help with ATP energy production, and their use makes sense in patients with CBS up regulations, especially if they have cardiovascular disease. (I am getting ahead of myself, so skip this entry if you wish, but the latter three agents also can serve as methyl donors. We will be more liberal with their use in individuals who are COMT (-/-), who need methyl donors, and more conservative in their dose in individuals who are COMT (+/+), who will be more sensitive to methyl group supplementation). Ribose increases ATP regeneration in individuals with cardiovascular disease or other conditions associated with energy deficiency, and can be taken as well.

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