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TEST RESULTS in please help interpret

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I just got my bloodwork back. Please give me your thoughts.


HNK1 (cd57) Panel

%CD8-/cd57+ Lymphs 3.4% refernce interval is 2.0-17.0

Abs cd8-cd57+Lymphs 61 Reference interval 60-360


RDW 15.9 flagged high range 12.3-15.4

Glucose, Serum 102 High 65-99

Bun/cratinine Ratio 25 High 9-23

Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy 16.7 low range 30.0-100


I am confused by the first number on cd57 the %, that is in the normal range, however the cd57 abs is only 61- even though that is in the reference range would that still be considered- chonic lyme?


LLMD has not reviewed results with me yet, however, he said he treats symtoms to the results. He felt that my symptoms all pointed to lyme.

and has started me on DOXY(4 days on it now) probiotics, vit d 5000ui, cq10


We are also in process of treating PANS ds7 for lyme as well. Through all the reading on him I realized that I had many symptoms listed on websites and saw llmd for myself as well.


Please share your thoughts with me. I find this site so helpful in understanding things and value what your experience brings


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Do not understand the CD-57 results either. My son's were different altogether.


The high Glucose could be borderline diabetes according to my recent dr. visit. Mine was close to yours and natureopathic said to eat 5 small meals a day. 10 almonds could be one (protein/fat). She said to have some protein before going to sleep at night as well. We are seeing if diet will take care of it.


But the high BUN # can be connected to kidney stress--my son has it right now! This could be from pharmacueticals. We are supplementing with a kidney tincture and a drink with several ingredients.


My son takes 8,000 IU vit. D a day and I take 5,000 IU a day. My appt. was for annual checkup and am pretty healthy but my Vit. D was at 25. We have been trying to get my son's up for another treatment. I also live in an area that does not see a lot of sun every day. :/


Hope this helps and best wishes on treatment!

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Hello again! Since no one else has answered your questions, thought I would pass this note found in records along to you.


On my dh test results I wrote:


Abs. CD8-CD57+ Lymphs -- that over 100 is 'good.' [his result was 104]

His %CD8-CD57+ was 6.5


His is fairly healthy with a few chronic sinus issues and over 50. :)


Hope you have answers or will get more soon.

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Thanks for checking back in with me. My llmd said that he does not pay any attention to the % on the cd57. Just the other number. He said he would like to see it at least at 200. I keep waiting for the really "bad" herx response, I am really feeling crappy, dizzy, low grade fever, weight gain, sore, tired. but I don't think that is herx yet....we go back to see dr. on Tuesday.


Now my ds7 seems to be doing pretty well on meds- he is on amox, and zith and probiotics- I felt that after almost 2 months of him being on antibiotics his ocd is MUCH better...however, today a few worries crept back in. He had igenex test done that will be back this week. Dr. llmd based his dx of lyme based on his low cd57 and PANDAS/PANS symtoms. With his improvement on abx. we will most likely hold off on IVIG for a bit

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Before starting lyme treatment, our dr. did anti-parasite/worm protocol; prescribed 'rock rose tea - cistus incantus' to get rid of biofilm so treatment can work; checked for KPU; Hair test for heavy metals(insurance covered) and vit. absorbtion; thyroid blood tests. This gets your body ready for lyme treatment.


Dr. has always supplemented with some minerals too especially when on abx. We used "CORE" for a few months in the beginning of lyme treatment, but now use a liquid mineral in water/juice.


Thankfully, my son has not muscle tested for lyme for quite a few months now.


We have never done IVIG but my son seemed to present different than most on this forum.


Best wishes on healing.

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