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Hello friends! My apologies for the long-winded questions.


My daughter is 7 and was diagnosed with the inattentive subset of ADD, an auditory processing disorder and a verbal learning disability earlier this year. She also has transient tic syndrome. Three different doctors suggested I put her on Strattera. I have resisted doing this as I do not advocate medicating children with adult psychiatric drugs. I started her on Ts-PLUS CONTROL from Bontech Supplements for the transient tics and Pedi-Active from Nature's Plus for the inattentive/LD issues.


This regimine worked great for the tics and her overall "mood", but her teachers said she is not progressing academically. Her main problem is reading. This is her 3rd loop through kindergarten. Her teachers said this year she has progressed a lot in the social area (no more bullying, appropriate interactions not requiring adult interventions, etc) but not academically. They describe her as "a master at flying under the radar" when it comes to academics.


So, I relented and tried the Strattera. She cannot swallow pills and Strattera cannot be compounded. I tried mixing it in apple sauce with other flavors. After 4 doses, she refuses to take it any more and I do not blame her. The taste is HORRIBLE. She gets dry heaves just looking at the bottle. During those doses she had constant stomach pain and nausea, she fell asleep in class and at home several times a day and did not want to play or interact with other children. According to the product literature this was "normal" and would go away after a week or two.


So, I am now researching other products to help her succeed. I have read that Focus Factor is a scam, so they are off the list. Has anyone used or heard of good/bad feedback regarding Attend and Neu-Becalm'd? I know that the maker of Attend, Vaxa, is listed on an MLM directory, but could not find anything bad about their products. Attend and another product from Vaxa is what I am considering using.


Thank you for your help in this matter!!

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