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Herx after 1 Dose?

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We made it home from our appt in north Texas!!! Dr. spent a lot of time with us, did not rush us and looked at the whole picture. DD kicked, screamed and put on quite a show during the blood draw (we had to hold her down), but they were not ruffled. I love them!


So here's my question today....can one herx after 1 dose of a new abx? I expected to see something a week or so out. However, we got an rx for omnicef and filled it before we got on the road to come home. DD was already complaining of a stomach ache and had a warm head, and I suspected strep since litte dd has it right now. We didn't swab in the ofc as he was giving her a new abx that would cover it anyway. So I gave her the omnicef as we left north texas, and when we got home 5 hours later, she had been screaming to make it stop in the car for at least 30 mins. She got out of the car and couldn't touch anything. Screaming, yelling at the top of her lungs. Couldn't get in the shower, got trapped in the bathroom because I shut the door behind me, and she couldn't touch the door. Couldn't put clothes on. We don't have such strong obvious OCD on a daily basis...lots of rages every day. Last time she had such strong, obvious OCD, her younger sibs tested positive for strep.


Can one herx after only one dose? We gave her 2 activated charcoal capsules, and 30 minutes later she was laying on the couch watching tv and able to answer my question about a toothbrush. And she had clothes on.???????


I have to get on a plane to a Colorado dr. with this girl in three weeks. Hope this greatly improves before then!


Interested to hear your thoughts.

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I think I wrote this post a little over 2 years ago! We would do the same thing as you - fill script before we got in the car for the 5 hour trip home. The first time this happened we had been treating 2 months for PANDAS. Gave first dose of Augmentin, went shopping as a reward, and by the time we arrived home, dd10 could only hop on one foot, couldn't touch anything, took an hour shower screaming the whole time, and afterwards could not put clothes on or move anywhere, go to school, nothing! I called the doctor who immediately took her off Augmentin, gave steroid burst and zithromax, and ordered Igenex lyme test. So that was the beginning of lyme treatment for us. Strangely a month later he put her back on Augmentin and she miraculously improved to near 100 % for about 6 weeks, but then slipped again. A year later, I did the same in the airport after lyme doctor visit, only this time it was Byron White A-L complex, 15 drops. Same reaction - horrible OCD on plane trip and could not touch anything that was with us that day. Then I got the message to go slow - 1 drop at a time.

For a flare now my doctor advises 10 drops of Burbur every 10 minutes for up to 3 hours, and if that doesn't work, 6 glutathione soft gels with alka seltzer gold. We don't have flares per say anymore, except on heavy metal chelation days (weekends). But any antibiotic or herb or supplement can have that rapid of an effect in our experience. It is a pretty obvious sign that it is provoking something. Now she can take all of those things on a regular basis that used to make her crazy - tindamax, A-L complex, A-V complex, Samento - without reaction.

Hang in there, it will get better. Sending big hugs your way!

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