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I talked to her at a conference not too long ago about my sons case. She doesn't like antibiotics she believes they will eventually stop working. When I told her what my son takes she raised a worried eyebrow and recommended I give my son goldenseal. That is really all I know of her.

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We've not seen her (yet), though we did go through the somewhat arduous intake process several months ago . . . lots of paperwork, medical histories, forms to fill out, etc. Ultimately, our decision not to follow through with an actual appointment had more to do with the practice's policies, as I recall them. Things such as you may not ever actually meet with Dr. Usman; you may instead be attended to by one of her associates or nurse practitioners. That no one in the practice will serve as your child's primary physician/pediatrician, so for standard medical needs, you still need to have someone else in your corner, etc.


I will say that, from perusing the information available on her web site and the documentation sent to us to review and prepare for a first appointment, she very much seems to tend toward the bio-med and "natural," more diet and supplement oriented than prescriptions. Just my impression, though . . .

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