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Our daughter's motor/vocal tics started at 7 years. During August of that year she had her MMR booster, TDap booster, got bitten by an insect and reacted with a large rash. Her physical lyme/bartonella symptoms started 4 months after she turned 10. Shortly after that I noticed the buds on her chest starting to enlarge.



My DD10 has buds on her chest enlarging now. What is that a symptom of?


Pubic hair, growing breasts and even starting menstrual cycles around the age of 11 is no longer uncommon.


11 isn't really all that early. Puberty has always had some type of a range. I think average age of Menses is 12.5 now, and that means "changes" (breast bud etc) would start a couple of years before that (so age 10.5 would be completely normal). And, everyone is different, some kids earlier, some later.


IN the 19th century, average age of puberty was 15 (according to the internet)...but who's to say if the change is from bad stuff (chemicals, endocrine disrupters) or better access to food/nutrition.


Interestingly, in the 17th and 18th century, people were also much SHORTER. According to once source, average height for a woman was 5 feet 1/2 inch. Most places attribute the eventual increase in height in people (over the centuries) to better nutrition.

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